C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control

Alt titles: [C] - Control



VivisQueen's avatar By VivisQueen on Jul 6, 2011


I imagine the executive meeting that inspired this dull, jabbering insult to my intelligence went a bit like this.

Director: I’ve been thinking lately we should do something deep and relevant about today’s global financial situation. It’s been all over the news and I think the kids would appreciate someone really bringing it down to their level.

Exec: Uhh, really? But finance is like so BOOOOOORING.

Director: Well, of course we could spice it up a little, you know, give it a representational hook or gimmick. I have one or two ideas that I think would really -

Exec: Oh oh oh! I’ve got it, I’ve got it! MASCOT BATTLES!

Director: What?

Exec: Write this down! It’s not often I get such inspirational flashes. I can see it now - economic conflicts figuratively enacted through pet monsters! ‘Cause everyone likes Pokemon, right??

The result, ladies and gentlemen, is this show, the worst possible marriage of everything that shouldn’t exist in anime. Dry, abstract exposition about money combined with utterly mindless battles between metaphorical creatures that have no real-life relevance. Burrow deep enough and C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control appears to contain a human tale about taking huge financial risks for the sake of loved ones. That this is mere veneer becomes clear the moment we ask why the characters don’t just work overtime, get a second job, or aim for promotion, considering any of these require less effort for more guarantee. The financial battles are vehicles for an impending apocalypse caused by some… thing that gets no explanation. All we know is, at some point, a digitised whatsit begins to sweep through Japan and the hero has to do stuff in the ether to make it go away.

Not that the fights are any good either. Occurring without reason or logic, they generate about as much friction as a limp dick. Just as one combatant summons giant balls of fire, the opponent blocks with an inexplicable beam of sparkling blackness, all the while an electronic voice yells nonsensical financial jargon not even the Wall Street folk would enjoy piecing together (how to counter sensibly when your enemy has just thrown a hail of MACROFLATION!!?). There are no recognisable dimensions to the battles, no identifiable limitations that tell me ‘this person is highly skilled compared to that person’. Thus we must take for granted that Souichiro Mikuni, the cool, mysterious rich guy, is unbeatable because everyone says so; when he fights, I can’t actually tell.


I’d like to put a message out there for the kids growing up on a diet of C-like atrocities: animated backgrounds full of feeling, atmosphere, and texture do exist. For evidence, look to Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica or Eden of the East. The polygonal edifices we get in C bring to mind the artistic sensibilities of a McDonalds restaurant - cold, garish, and above all cheap. Effects happen, shapes and colours and patterns zoom past but none of it serves any discernible purpose except to distract us for another five seconds.


In moments when the plot wholly eluded me, the score managed to restore some of the potency of the situation. Unfortunately, sandwiched between unmemorable opening and closing themes, and voiced over by a crap script, the courageous cinematic soundtrack gets entirely lost.


If there’s anything anime needs more of, it’s teenage boys trying to get stronger. I’m being sarcastic, of course. What anime needs more of are characters I can tell apart from all the others. C’s cast melts into a giant pot of tokenism and archetype that effectively abandons the audience to apathy. I’m surprised, for instance, that the bland, pineapple-haired protagonist (had to look up his name, Kimimaro Yoga) was thought qualified to be one when his only notable features are being nice and harbouring angst about his long-lost father. The only vivid performance belongs to Masakaki, the guide of the alternate dimension in which the battles take place; he is a nod to Willy Wonka that strips away all the child-friendly veneer and replaces it with a chilling pitilessness.


Colour me spoiled if you will, but I like to spend my time watching things that I understand. I like characters for which I feel empathy doing things I could imagine myself doing if I were in their situation. Most of the financial jargon the target audience will struggle to relate to and anyone who does will snooze simply at the banal abstractedness of it. Instead of a poignant metaphor on the dangers of economic risk-taking, we get a discombobulated mess that farts a host of vague concepts. The only emotion this show inspires in the process is boredom.

3/10 story
4/10 animation
7.5/10 sound
3/10 characters
3/10 overall
CheeseAddictedturtle's avatar By CheeseAddictedturtle on Aug 23, 2013

I will start off by saying that I honestly enjoyed C Control. There may not be the best reasons for it that others may like to read about but when it comes down to it i rate anime by my personal enjoyment first and everything else second.


I personally dont get what a lot of people had against the story of C because i found it both complex and enjoyable, able to entertwain both action, message, and yes economics. Most people going into this anime might say "wait economics i watch anime for entertainment if i wanted to learn about economics than this would be the last place i would want to find it" and i get that but hit the pause button with me for a second before you close this tab and go back to watching the latest episode of bleach. Just like your favorite school life anime (insert name here) made japanese prep schools look like a fun place to be C control manages to make economics interesting. So just try it and see what you think.

Another important part of the story that many overlook is the very meaningful nature of the questions asked by the charecters. Both over arcing concepts of future and human nature but more importantly questions that we should ask every day about the present and the future which has more value. And as said in one of the strangest scene in my anime history there is no right answer to that.


The animation for C control was kind of hit and miss for me. The scenes in the financial district where for the most part very good with cool fight scenes and surreal architecture but the scenes in the real world where nothing special and kind of forgettable. Another point of the animation that bugged me was the charecter designs, some of their movements seeming kind of akward especially around the mouth. Overall the animation worked and shinein many moments thus the rating of 8.

I loved the opening but more on that later. :)


It is not that the sound of C control is bad its just average. The opening was good and i loved the animation that went with it but no other peices in the sound track really stood out making it really average. 

ON the other side of sound there is the acting and my preference dub vs sub. I orginally watched the show in japanese with subs and i have to say that is what i recomend. it is not that the actors for the dub where bad its just that i had two problems with the dubbed version. First is that many of the good lines that i remeber from the subbed version where lost or changed, the lines from the dub are good and you would never know the diffrence unless you watched both but i did regret the few subtle changes. THe second problem that i had with the dub was once again not a problem with the actors performances but the company (funimation) that did the dub. Get some new actors after i finished the first episode of the dub i made lists of the other charecters i associated with those voices they where quite long. oh well it might just be me.


I cant say that C has the most devolped characters or the most likable characters and to compare them to the depth of charecters in steins gate or angel beats would be wrong but the characters served their purpose. Every single character was placed for a very specific purpose while avioding the typical anime steorotypes tha ruin many anime. Whether they where there to show desperation or even hope all the charecters came off very human and i enjoyed all of them even the creepy clown dude. 


I will finish with the one thing every single fan of this series says where is my season 2, not only does this show deserve one but they make it seem like there was going to be one at the end of the series serioulsy pls :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :0 

9.5/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
alucard07's avatar By alucard07 on Jul 6, 2011

C: The Money and Soul of Possibilty Control

Story (8/10)

Well, the story seems dull from just a quick plot summary but I found it impressive although there is an audience that somehow claimed it to be confusing. There is alot going on to amuse you and loads of theories you think on along the way as to justify events. The whole economy thing adds a whole new twist to the usual shounen anime.

It follows a 19 year old university student and, along the way, his friends, teacher, and his future- quite literally. After being pulled into offering up his future as collateral for money, he wants to change the future. This reminded me of Code Geass where those given power want to change the world as they see it right. You could also say it fits Death Note too, the fact that there are many people changing the future without us realising is a good twist too.

Animation (9/10)

To me, the animation was well directed. It was always clean and smooth with transitions and effects making it feel finished. There were also some 3D animation scenes which gave it another level of animation and although these parts were short, made it feel like the game that they were playing. It is hard to explain but it is still very good animation and I don’t see how they can improve much, especially with beautiful animation techniques being used at the end of the series.

Sound (7/10)

Being honest, there is nothing noteworthy in this series that is earcatching. The opening song by FICTIONJUNCTION is good, especially for me as a fan of them) but nothing special. The voice actors were good,  especially Masakaki whose voice fitted him perfectly. I cannot really say much other than it was a decent effort which didn’t wow me considering the amount of new animes that have been recently released.

Characters (9/10)

Its often that a character is given power for no reason in an anime. This time however, the power was money related. And as stated in the anime: “Money is trust.” The characters are well built, the main character, Yoga, is an average kid with no money who doesnt like his friends getting hurt; especially his asset Msyu.  Yoga’s drive to change the future but not knowing where to start or how to do it is a dive into the human mind as he has to identify friend from foe and literally save the future of all the people of Japan.

Msyu is an interesting character, Yoga’s asset has special powers like all other assets but sees herself becoming closer and closer to Yoga as friends and may want something more, a bit cliché but nothing cheesy- she doesn’t know or understand what love is. She knows she will heal in battle and says that saving or helping Yoga is an assets’ instinct and that all assets are for is helping their entre win battles.

These are only two of the wonderful assortment of characters present in the anime, I loved Masakaki, he reminded me of the mad hatter and the cheshire cat mixed into one, was he good, or was he bad? His thought process and plans are unknown and this makes him more mysterious and lovable.

Overall (8/10)

This anime is short(11 episodes long) so easy to complete in an evening and is great fun to watch and is also quite surprising. Its not often that an anime dives into the real world with topics like recession and inflation and pulls it off brilliantly, it is one of my favourite anime and I recommend it to all.



8/10 story
9/10 animation
7/10 sound
9/10 characters
8/10 overall
XxZeroeZxX's avatar By XxZeroeZxX on Jun 25, 2011

You are in CONTROL

[C] is both an epic as well as the little engine that could. This is a fantastic and outrageously unique series that is going mostly unappreciated. [C] has been in the shadow of fellow noitaminA series AnoHana all season long. As such it seems that it has failed to garner the popularity of AnoHana. Myself, I greatly enjoyed watching both of these series back-to-back every week. In a way I felt they complimented each other because they're so totally different, but at the same time they do inexplicably have a similar sort of feel. Both series use drama, there's a similar atmosphere of tension and angst throughout, and both series implement quasi-romantic relationships between the lead characters. But that's enough about how [C] compares with AnoHana. [C] certainly stands out on its own. To say the story/ setting of this series is unique would be a gross understatement. The universe it creates has a fascinating blend of realism and surrealism. The Financial District and its relationship/ impact on reality is a really interesting idea. Early on when people asked me about [C], I described it as a physical manifestation of greed. And in the Financial District, money trades hands in the form of individual battles between creatures called assets. Assets battle for their Entres (people who have access to the financial district). So these battles are a lot like stock market trades. The interesting twist is that these assets are representative of their entre's future. In fact, in order to enter the financial district, one needs to sacrifice their future as collateral. As such, if an entre goes bankrupt in the Financial District, they lose everything in the real world including their future. Compound this with a flailing economy in the real world, and this has severe effects on reality. Not only has reality become completely dependent on the Financial District, but entres who have lost out often lose hope and commit suicide. But one man aims to limit the effects of the Financial District on reality, Mikuni Souichirou. He has built a fortune in the financial district and a guild to further support his cause. By making large investments of Midas money (money from the financial district) into the real world, he is able to single-handedly keep the Japanese economy afloat. Only one problem, the phenomenon called [C]. I'm not going to try and explain what [C] is because it's rather confusing, but let's just say this throws a major monkey wrench into Mikuni's plans. Mikuni's response is the produce even more Midas money and try to absorb the blow from [C]. Only one problem, the more Midas money is produced, the more of the future is taken as collateral (and that goes for everyone's future). But a newcomer to the Financial District disagrees with Mikuni's methods. He wants the preserve the future at all costs. His name is Yoga Kimimaro. Kimimaro was forced into the Financial District by the mysterious Masakaki. He's more than a bit hesitant at first, but slowly but surely he gains a rapport with his asset Msyu. I'll stop there with the story cause any more would be way spoiler. But as you can see this is a really heady series and on the whole the story is great with an ending that's solid and creative (though the post-credits scene was a bit odd). Moving on from the story there are great characters in this series. Both male leads, Mikuni and Kimimaro, are really polarizing characters and their assets Q and Msyu are really solid too. I found it really interesting how they presented self-awareness to Q and Msyu which slowly humanized them despite the fact that they're only assets. The minor characters also set the scene nicely. Once again, would say more, but too many spoilers. Now let's talk about music. The OP and ED are fine and fit the series (I like the OP better), but what really makes [C] stand out is the OST. It's a very unique soundtrack by anime standards. And it sets the atmosphere great throughout. And the final ep had a great Blues/ Jazz track reminiscent of Fallout 3. Who doesn't love that? This gave the series as a whole a nice nostalgic feel. So that's what I'd like to say about [C], I could go on and on. Not quite as spectacular as its counterpart AnoHana, but a great series, 9 out of 10.

9/10 story
8/10 animation
9/10 sound
10/10 characters
9/10 overall
GintamaGeass's avatar By GintamaGeass on Jul 12, 2011

story (6.5/10)- the story of the anime was quite confusing and took you a epsiode or 2 to really grasp what was going on. the choice of combining economics and fighting with weird creatures was unique but if you didnt really dontunderstand stuff like stocks and econmics you would really have a hard time understanding what exactly happened most of the time.

the fighting scenes are ok there not that detailed it seems like they have like 4 attacks and they randomy use whatever they feel like and eventually someone won. maybe it could have been better if they didnt rush the dang thing so they would have time to explain things a little better

animation (8/10)- i never usually judge an anime based on its animation i thought it looked nice enough and if you watch a lot of old animes like cowboy beepop you cant really complain either.
sound (9/10)- i thought the sound was nice enough the characters fit their voices and the opening and ending were good too. and as far as soundtrack there wasnt any thing that left an impression enought to review

characters (7/10)- it was your typical main character nice compared to every persons in the shows standard and showed mercy and tried to help everyone including his enemys etc etc.. the only charachter i liked was the masakaki guy cause i thought he was creppy looking and most of the other characters that u think might be important are just side characters with 4 lines in the whole show.
overall (7.5/10)- its waz all together a pretty good show if the plot intrest you its worth chekin out o and by the way this is my first review so if you have some constructiv critisism then comment oh and sry abou the bad quality of the review im not sure how to sepreate each part with those brown line things

6.5/10 story
8/10 animation
9/10 sound
7/10 characters
7.5/10 overall