Busou Shinki

Alt title: Busou Shinki: Armored War Goddess



snivets's avatar By on Dec 24, 2012

I first encountered Busou Shinki when a Japanese friend (who loves mecha) brought me a Murmeltier as an omiyage from one of his visits. He said something like, "She had an eyepatch and a hat with cat ears, and was kind of gothic and cute, but also robot and weapons. She's like a cross between you and me!"

You certainly could take this anime adapation of a game and toy line as a thinly disguised ecchi show watered down to be appropriate for "children" and pandering to doll-joint-loving-otaku by creating and perpetuating an image of women as dumb, weak, helpless because of their size/strength, and purely decorative. (For the record, I let Inner Feminist word that last statement).

Anyway, I tried to approach it as a show about little dolls in a big world and enjoyed it enough not to drop it--but also felt somewhat obligated to see it through because I own one and all.

Story: The story is basically nonexistant, consisting solely of a series of events wherein the dolls get into predicaments mostly because of their size and solve them based on friendship~ and teamwork. It's light and easy to watch.

Animation: Pretty nice, but somewhat wasted on the thin content therein.

Sound: Generic as crap. Annoying girl voices.

Characters: Weak and uninteresting, but consistent and not over-the-top. No character development.

Basically, this show is very very generic. There is nothing outstanding about the art or the story and characters, but there's nothing that really annoyed me or made it tough to watch. 4/10, highly recommended for doll-joint-loving-otaku who can't handle the world questioning their beliefs about women.

3/10 story
7/10 animation
3/10 sound
3/10 characters
4/10 overall
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roriconfan's avatar By on Dec 23, 2012

- Animated by 8bit, a minor studio that has produced nothing but passable ecchi shows. 
- Directed by Kikuchi Yasuhito, who has made several anime of several genres, none of which are particularly good. 
- Based on a toyline by Konami, meaning this is just a toy advertisement show. 

One of the first anime I watched as a kid was Plauress Sanchiro, which featured a boy controlling a small fighter robot and taking on other contestants in tournaments. It was fun, with very original and interesting concepts for its time, plus it looked well animated. Many years later several other similar shows tried to do the same, the most famous ones being Medarot and Angelic Layer, which were of course mostly made to advertise affiliated plamo toys and not to offer interesting action scenes or concepts. Meaning, they were hardly as good. The recent one of this type is doing even less. Busou Shinki is 100% sleazy fan service and no plot, becoming deviant and trashy to all viewers besides sleazy fat hikikomoris. 

The production values are quite good when it comes to action scenes and the use of 3D models, something that feels like overkill and wasted budget on such a show but at least makes it a tiny bit more enjoyable. 

The plot is barely there and you can find more in almost any ecchi comedy. A dork protagonist is surrounded by small cute half naked gynoids and lots of naughty things happen that border hentai. They try to mask the whole thing a lot by not directly showing too vulgar and even to make it seem safe for kids to watch. Yet, see past the obvious and you find every single deviant stereotype you can think of, with absolutely no plot or depth. 

The whole fighting theme is there only as an excuse for the robots to fight for some ridiculous reason, and barely tries to explain why every robot in the show is a dumb cute girl. Don’t even ask yourself how they would allow the creation of artificially intelligent robots with so much firepower and free thought and then sell them to little kids as fighting games.

Ok, I am obviously trying to reason with something that is made to be unreasonable. It is clearly a guilty pleasure show for ronery boys. And just like most hentai, it is watch once and throw away, unless you fall for it and run to buy the toys and… play with them. Creepy… 

Other than that, nothing to see here. Even a silly show like Magical Pokan tried to offer a bit more depth than this crap. Highly not recommended.

1/10 story
7/10 animation
6/10 sound
1/10 characters
3/10 overall
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