Busou Renkin

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Some things in life are so bad that you'd like to pretend they're just a dream. Unfortunately for Kazuki, trying to save a strange girl from being brutally killed by monsters (and ending up dying instead) is an unfortunate reality. Out of pity, the girl replaces Kazuki's heart with an alchemy-based artifact known as Kakugane, so that he may live on. With this strange device, Kazuki gains the power of Busou Renkin -- Arms Alchemy; a power that will come in handy when monsters (and worse) begin to plague his town! Kazuki soon meets the girl from his “dream” (named Tokiko) in reality, and she tells Kazuki to get on with his life; but with his sister and friends in danger, that might not be possible. Besides, if Kazuki gives up the chance to show off just how manly he can be, how can he hope to win the heart of the alluring older-sister-like Tokiko?!

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PhdInCartoons's avatar by PhdInCartoons on Mar 5, 2013
Score 6.3/10

Story The storyline in this anime is very typical. Without watching any episodes you could probably guess quite accurately what happens. That being said there are certain instances where it borders on good.   Animation The animation was solid. Not good, not bad just solid.    Sound The music and voices were O.K., although some of the voices, for the annoying characters do not help their... read more

roriconfan's avatar by roriconfan on Apr 19, 2012
Score 4.5/10

Busou Renkin is your typical action shonen, which stands a step above all other mediocre shonens by ripping the hell out of several ideas from various other successful shonen. The end result is completely average but to anyone back then who was unfamiliar to the “big three” Jump shonen as we call them today, it appeared to be much better than it really is. I guess that only proves how the genre is... read more

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