Busou Renkin



fosmic's avatar By fosmic on Oct 29, 2009

busou renkin an anime which can be descriped in one word as wierd i mean come on theres a pale white guy that goes around with a butterfly on his private parts

if thats not enough then how about this the main charecter dies at the start heroine saves life by putting a metal octagon in the place where his heart should be he wants to repay her

and ends up being a danger to everyone around him and gets hunted down by peple who fight monster his skin turns red and hair goes green

heroine and him try to find cure but have to give it to someone else screwing over main charecter rofl

7/10 story
6/10 animation
8/10 sound
7/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
PhdInCartoons's avatar By PhdInCartoons on Mar 5, 2013


The storyline in this anime is very typical. Without watching any episodes you could probably guess quite accurately what happens. That being said there are certain instances where it borders on good.



The animation was solid. Not good, not bad just solid. 



The music and voices were O.K., although some of the voices, for the annoying characters do not help their cause, the main antagonist in particular. Although it has to be said that is kind of what is being aimed at.



O.K., nice development in places. Some very annoying characters though. Some of those annoying characters end up with a strange amount of screen time towards the end, which does make them more annoying. The most annoying part is the protaganist who is pretty much a carbon copy of every other protaganist.



No real ‘WOW’ factor, nothing to really make it stand out in the crowd of very similar anime.  

6/10 story
7/10 animation
6/10 sound
6/10 characters
6.3/10 overall
falconraider's avatar By falconraider on Dec 21, 2010



Ah busou renkin, i have watched this anime from start to finish and my thoughts, not impressed.

Now just so you know this review is purely based on the englsh dubbed version so any points directed towards the dialogue may not apply to the japanese version.

The story is fairly simple, guy saves girl from monster but dies, she replaces his heart with an alchemy artifact and gains the powers to fight. He wishes to protect everyone (sound familiar) blah blah etc etc. Now my main problem with this whole anime is the lack of a unique identity, sure its fine for animes to borrow ideas off others and its very hard to make an original anime nowadays (rather its hard toi find one) But usually in most animes there is at least one quality that it can call its own NOT WITH THIS!!!! Pretty much all of it i had seen before, the alchemy driven world (full metal alchemist) the weapons they use called busou renkin (very similar to bleach) the save everyone main character (so many other anime i cant count) there is not one unique idea to be found.

Animation wise its not bad but not good either, just average. Its looks good enough that your eyes dont feel like razor blades are being dragged across them but the clolour is rather bland and lacks variety, everything looks boring. Its just shades of black and brown. The characters are simple looking also, nothing really new in the looks departmnent.

Sound, ahh the sound...my god. My main problem here is the english voices, OH DEAR GOD!!!! Everything was so cheesy i literally facepalmed untill my cheeks doubled in size. With the ''ACTIVATE MY BUSOU RENKIN'' and the ''JOUSTING SLASHER!!'' and the ''I SHALL PROTECT EVERYONE'' i get some people might like the cheesy feel but COME ON!!! The expression in the voices and the personality of some of the characters felt 2d and without complexity, you knew what you were getting and i never really felt connected to the characters and never really cared about them. Some characters like some of the humunculai tried to form a personality only to dissapear right before your eyes, never to be seen again. Same with the characters spporting the main role, you never see them much so never feel connnected to the main characters desire to protect them, you barely know them. The main character is as transparent as it gets, the same ''save em all attitude i personally have grown tired with (you can imagine the rest) This section covers sound and characters, btw (bit late for that lol)

Action wise the fight scenes i felt were good, the powers were simple enough and nothing really out of the ordinary but they never gave me that ''epic'' feel. I enjoyed them none the less and felt it was the highlight but they ended to soon.


This was not a great review but i dont review often so i apologize if this did not help you, but i cant reccomend this as an anime its self, not one to rush and see. If your a fan of the cheesy fight to save em all thing then this might be for you but for everyone else then dont bother.

4/10 story
6/10 animation
3/10 sound
5/10 characters
5/10 overall
coffeebreath's avatar By coffeebreath on Apr 10, 2010

Busou Renkin can only be described as a remarkably average anime that attempts to step outside the box at parts, but essentially remains a slave to the shounen demographic that it desperately wants to please. I read somewhere that this was an anime that only loyal Shounen Jump fans should follow and whilst I do think this is a fair thing to say the anime deserves a bit of extra credit.

The story is painfully generic, boy discovers superpower, boy wants to use the superpower to become stronger and to protect the ones close to him, boy gets more than he bargained for and has to fight his way out of every situation. Whilst the developments mid-way through with Victor etc were, for me, an unexpected and refreshing twist to the plot, the subsequent episodes played out a lot of predictable story elements that were obvious from the beginning since so much of this anime is borrowed from other series - there's no denying the identical nature of the Alchemist Warrior's Busou Renkin and a Shinigami's Zanpakutou.

Busou Renkin is particularly full of frills to distract you from the predictable plot. Along with the change of pace in the storyline halfway through, the character designs are another frill. Are we really supposed to take these villains seriously? Inbetween Papillon's crotch shots and Moon Face's "moooon" catchphrase, everything feels rather confused and questionable. The homunculi, however, were a welcome change from the typical demon-type enemies that grace the shounen scene yet they remained largely unexplored throughout. That said, at the same time one may find these unique characters a redeemable factor within the series.

Unfortunately, not much can be said for the rest of the character line-up; Tokiko seems to be the only character with any depth yet her relationship with Bravo did not seem as developed as it should have been given the flashback that is revealed of the characters' first encounter. Kazuki remains quite one-dimensional throughout; his development is all in the manner of accepting his power and becoming stronger, the attempt to make his character broader is by throwing in the romance between him and Tokiko. And hence the generic but comedic beach fun bikini episode. Victor's character was quite interesting but left the anime in a philosophical quandary toward the end; are we not to assume that Victor's godlike state would leave him without the emotional capacity to bother partaking in any fighting - yet he insists on destroying all Alchemist Warriors.

The music felt out of place and overdramatic, and the OP and ED were so forgettable I don't even recall them. The English dub gave Tokiko and Kazuki voices that sounded too mature for their age, and the Japanese cast was purely okay, but failed to bring true life into the characters. Angel Gozen was voiced particularly well, and I was pleased to encounter him/her in multiple episodes alongside our protagonists.

Obviously, this is written from the perspective of someone who can watch shounen and enjoy it, but ultimately wants a little bit more from anime. Even as a shounen, though, there are better ones out there than Busou Renkin.

Overall, worth watching through to end. Whether it be for the curiosity behind the manifestations of the various Busou Renkin or to watch that oh-so predictable ending just to feel a little bit smart. However, don't choose this one over a series that you may be dying to watch and don't expect to become very attached to the characters, or engaged within the story... especially with the 10 minute fight scenes. Shounen fans, look no further, you will love it. People new to shounen may want to check out some of the recommendations before watching.

5/10 story
6.5/10 animation
4.5/10 sound
4/10 characters
5/10 overall
ames's avatar By ames on Dec 13, 2009

Decent anime, but I watched it because I was lacking in other animes to watch. The characters aren't super memorable and I felt like the powers they had were a lacking.

7/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
7/10 characters
7/10 overall