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Set in the not so distant future of troubled Tokyo, no job is too big or too small for the Danger Service Agency, as long as danger is involved. The crew is made up of an unlikely team of misfits: Mikura, a girl with a flair for guns and a love of martial arts, Kurokawa, an old man/ex-detective addicted to noodles, Harada, an engineering nut, and Asami, a schoolgirl. Unfortunately, no matter how small or simple job appears to be, the Dsa team always find themselves biting off more than they can chew...

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freakzilla freakzilla says...

Mezzo and Bus Gamer might look very different and quite honestly... they are. Both in plot, motives and even genre you can consider them different. The big red line through the anime is what makes them so different though, as one is pretty much action only, while the other one tries to develop into a mystery.

Yet if you get past that, the feeling you get is very alike. The actions scenes in Bus Gamer are very comparable to the ones in Mezzo, and both have a somewhat lighthearted atmosphere throughout various scenes.