Burn Up W

OVA (4 eps)
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In the streets of Tokyo, bad guys have a new nemesis: Warrior, a undercover police force of scantily clad babes who can solve any difficult case with a little bit of firepower! When a group of terrorists hellbent on controlling the world takes world leaders hostage, it's up to the girls of Warrior to stop them, but the job won't be easy. With virtual drugs to dispense and mind control tecnhiques to use on the police force, the terrorists won't give up without a fight. Can the babes subdue the terrorist threat without losing too many clothes in the process?

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sothis Mar 5, 2005
Score 3.8/10

Burn Up W takes place in Tokyo, and revolves around a group of girls who make up Warrior, an undercover police force that takes the cases the normal cops can't handle. Unlike some cop shows that focus on different stories, Burn Up W focuses on one arc that involves terrorists who want to do various nefarious things.

After seeing Burn Up (and enjoying it), I was excited to check out... read more

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