Bungaku Shoujo

Alt title: Literature Girl

Movie (1 ep x 101 min)
4.018 of 5 from 2,326 votes
Rank #818

As first year student Konoha Inoue is about to leave school campus, he sees a girl eat a page from the book she is reading. She introduces herself as second year Tōko Amano, the literature girl, and asks him to join the Literature Club so that he doesn't expose her secret. After almost two years of being the sole two members of the club, a strange message arrives: a piece of paper with a peculiar drawing. Further investigation leads them not only to Inoue's past, but to the reason to why he has given up on writing novels for the rest of his life.

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mustardbomb's avatar by mustardbomb on Sep 15, 2012
Score 1/10

I do not even know what to say to make a convincing argument since people just like things sometimes, and it seems completely incompatible with everything good about anime. The manga had a bit of a cute appeal with an okay story, but all of that is buried in this movie.

The art, average to slightly good in the manga, is replaced with triangle faced characters whose eyes may or may not pop out of their... read more

haize78's avatar by haize78 on Mar 19, 2015
Score 7/10

I really liked this movie. When I finished it, I was smiling and I had that warm, fuzzy feeling you sometimes get when a story manages to emotionally involve you. If you analyse each part separately, I admit that it's an average anime. But everything seems to somehow blend together vey well and fall into the right place so that it manages to become a nice, heartwarming watch.  The story isn't very... read more

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