Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040

TV (26 eps)
3.37 out of 5 from 3,422 votes
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A devastating earthquake strikes Tokyo, leaving the city in ruins. Man's only hope is to use boomers, an artificial humanoid form. Everything seems perfect until some of the boomers go crazy and start killing people. The only hope of stopping them is the Knight Sabers, a group of 4 female heroes in form-fitting power suits, with which they can perform amazing feats of strength and agility.

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Ryvius's avatar by Ryvius on Feb 10, 2011
Score: 8/10

Bubblegum Crisis 2040 is quite an oddball series, it was something I really enjoyed watching simply for the fact that it's rather unique and there's just not a lot out there quite like it. Simply put it was a nice break from your everyday typical anime, harem, mecha, comedy, fantasy, whatever.

2040 is an indirect sequel to the original Bubblegum Crisis (sometimes with the additional... read more

Sweboz's avatar by Sweboz on Feb 16, 2010
Score: 6/10

Where to start? Okay, the year is 2040, the place is post-giant-earthquake-Tokyo. Humans have created robot slaves (called Boomers) to do most of the manual labor, and every now and then - one of those boomers goes crazy and starts rampaging around the city, this is when the Knight Sabers (an all female team of vigilante power suiters) come in and beat the... robot shit... out of it. Story 6/10 The story... read more

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