Bubblegum Crisis

OVA (8 eps)
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The year is 2032. Tokyo has been destroyed by a great earthquake and a new city, MegaTokyo, has risen from the ashes. Humans now live side-by-side with androids known as Boomers who perform many of the menial and laborious tasks that humans despise, but these artificial servants come with a price: they have a tendency to go haywire and attack those they were built to serve. The A.D. Police force was created to try and stop this menace, but its weapons can do little more than annoy the Boomers. Hope lies with the Knight Sabers, four young women with high-tech, armored suits and enough firepower to stop an army - but will it be enough to stop MegaTokyo's greatest threat?

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VivisQueen Jan 27, 2011
Score 6/10

With the threat of nuclear annihilation never far from their minds, people in the eighties speculated a lot about the future, and seemingly with despair. The 21st century would be darker and more lawless, and shady guys at the top would determine the fate of the hapless masses at the bottom. Movies like Akira and ... read more

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roriconfan Apr 19, 2012
Score 5.5/10

This title had made a huge sensation when it originally aired. It was an interesting for its time take on a dystopia, along with fan catering to draw in even the less demanding audience. It was let’s say the NGE or Ghost in the Shell of the 80’s. With far less context though. It received two different versions, one in the 80’s and one in the 90’s, both of which will be reviewed... read more

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