Bubblegum Crash!

OVA (3 eps)
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One year has passed since the Crisis. People have come to believe that peace has been restored, but they were wrong - violence strikes the neighborhood once more and it all seems like a bad case of déja vu: the Boomers are back. But this time, there's something strange about the crime wave - highly advanced computer components are disappearing at the same time. The question is, who is the puppet master behind all this, what does he want, and what is his purpose?

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Ryvius Feb 10, 2011
Score 8/10

Bubblegum Crash seems to get overlooked pretty often. The Crisis OVA and 2040 already seem obscure enough especially around here at MAL and then Crash is just, completely lost in it's own void. Kind of a shame because Crash is certainly worth seeing if you're a fan of the OVA and new series. My review for 2040 was probably too big, so I'll keep this one a little on the shorter side. It could be a good read... read more

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