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It was not as bad as I thought it would be based off the first episode. The title “Brothers Conflict” is a double entendre. You begin thinking that it means “Brother Conflict” in that the female protagonist Chii has the conflict of picking which brother to date, but surprisingly it actually works more as the brothers conflicting with each other. You think that the show will be all about romance (which obviously it is), but the main theme is actually family.

Here is a list of my main grievances with the show:
Juli (the squirrel)
Their parents
How many brothers there are (and that every one of them is in love with her)
Their house

First let’s start with Juli. Chii can understand him for some reason that is never explained. Later, Louis is also able to understand him, which is also never explained. I don’t even dislike him because of the randomness of his communication, but he also has no real point. He is overprotective of Chii and wants to protect her from the brothers, but he never really stops them and it is just annoying. He attacks them when they are being nice, not when they are actually seducing her. On an even weirder level, Chii falls asleep at one point and dreams that he is a man who says he loves her. They leave it up to you to decide if it really happened. After finishing the show, I have come to believe that Chii is really schizophrenic.

The show begins with Chii’s dad marrying the brothers’ mother, thus she moves in with them. I was shocked that her dad told her to move in with them but did not come himself. Later, they finally get married and the parents are shown. Obviously they had to go on a honeymoon so I was okay with her and the brothers living alone, but the parents never came back! Now they might have said something about the mom living somewhere else for work on the first episode. I am giving it the benefit of the doubt that maybe it did and I missed it. However, my sister thinks they just left them out because they would have gotten in the way, which is still true even if they did explain why they did not live there.

When it started I thought there were 9 brothers and I was upset with how many that was, but then they had to shock me by saying that there were really 13 brothers! That is way too many! It wouldn’t be so bad if they weren’t all in love with her too. It is even implied that the littlest brother loves her. In my opinion the littlest brother and the one who crossdresses should have just been girls, or better yet have not even been on the show. In all reality I think the show could have worked with only 7 of the brothers: Azusa, Tsubaki, Natsume, Futo, Subaru, Yusuke, and Kaname (who probably could have been left off as well). Most things revolve around them, so I don’t see why the other brother even needed to exist.

This is my smallest grievance but their house is something like 9 floors (I forget the actual number since they only said it the first episode). They have to use an elevator to go between floors and they all have personal doorbells to their rooms.

So pretty much the main premise is that all the brothers are in love with her and hit on her. She on the other hand just wants a family. She feels like her presence is tearing the family apart. My sister saw the last episode with me and she didn’t like the ending, but I think the ending actually was for the best. It reinforces the notion of family. This show was similar to an otome game-turned-anime except there was more plot and Chii has characterization. 

Also on my bubblews

4/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
5/10 characters
4/10 overall
ffbfran's avatar By on Oct 14, 2014

Adorable, adorable adorable. The ending, or lack thereof, drove me up the wall but if there is a season 2 on its way I will overlook that (its set up to be an obvious season 2). The only complaint I have is the brothers I liked weren't showcased enough! I have clear favorites and I am upset I didnt seem them enough! That however isnt a reason not to watch it. You might like different borhters than I did lol. Anyway back to the review. Its funny, the story is different than most reverse harems and very very cutesy. Theres a talking squirrel. With a bow. Need i say more on the cutesy point. So the music was adorable and made me happy whenever I heard it. The characters, well there were so many it was easy for them to be diverse and while that made it harder to remember names it also ensured you wouldn't get bored. Overall its a good anime completely worth watching. Enjoy the humor.

10/10 story
9/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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Story: I'll admit that I'm not qualified to review this based on story, or "plot", considering that I paid attention to it as much as one would watch dishes dry (No dishwasher), which is to say I sometimes go at it with a cloth and wipe them suckers clean but other times, I just leave it while I go do other shit while keeping an eye on it still. Bad analogy really, but my point is is that it's shit, the story is shit, the characters are shit, the events are shit, the music is actually quite nice, especially when it steps into some jazz, that little brat is shit, that squirrel is shit, generally everything is shit.

I barely paid attention to the plot because it's summed up as: "This girl, she moves into this house, more like a mansion but it's actually a big ass mansion populated with 10-12 guys, all good looking, all more or less different age differing by a year at the beginning of the anime, all related by blood more or less- No, they ARE related by blood because this is Brothers Conflict, refered to as Brocon afterward. It's a fact that they're all bros, related by blood to make them bros and her dad is marrying the mum of all these bros (Source?) and... she moves in."

Basically a girl moving into a house of bros.

Exciting, I know. These guys fill in for a shitton of harem staples: Boy lolita, Glasses, Twins (Probably), good looking guy who looks good as a girl and is thus a crossdresser, tsundere, guy who acts dominating but is actually (Probably) a sweetie inside, Monk who is actually a chivalrous pervert but toned down here because she's a minor and we need some class, idol... ugh. That's not all but if it's a type and it isn't on the scale of douchery a la Diabolik Lovers (One always takes a pot shot when mentioning Diabolik Douches), it's most likely there.

So, premise is cliche or moreso unexciting, guys fit the staples and there's a buttload of them that fit all the tropes of a male harem, it's off to a rocky start but the events afterward are about relationship building because a house of bros will obviously gun for the one dame in the house who interrupted their broship. I'm sure that wasn't a spoiler. The events are what you would expect but with less gratuitous shirtlessness than one would expect of a show called Brocon or a house of bros. I just didn't find it engrossing. Sometimes it's some bros with Chi (Main girl), other times it's a bro and then a bro one can predict pops in to interrupt the bonding, sometimes the bros and Chi do stuff together and la de da de la a big happy family.

Granted there's serious moments and I was a bit intrigued then because the music was good at the dramatic moments. Really does have some good BGM in those times. Half the moments or most of them I don't remember but one in particular stood out not because I couldn't give a crap, but because it was with one of the decent bros. Probably. I don't know.

Alright, long story short, I didn't give a shit. Mostly unexciting and while it has a few jokes here and there, it's simply not that entertaining.

House of Bros, Brocon. That deserves a point.

Animation: The bros look good and they should, they're all models like bros in a harem/otome should look like. Chi looks good, everything looks good but not great. Largely indifferent and a few times looked a bit sloppy. Still largely good.

Music Sound: Apart from the jazzy vibes and a few of the pieces in some dramatic moments, the other BGM was "Eh, I could care less". Skipped the OP but it was neat and almost a guilty pleasure, the EP was actually kinda neat and overall, the music kicked the shit out of the plots. VA, by the end I could imagine some of them in the studio saying their lines. Kinda a woah moment, all Neo but here, still a cut above most of this shit.

Characters: Oh god. Covered half this shit in plots but time for the other half, ripping that ass in two because again, like the plot, I didn't give two shits about these bros or their sis, far less that annoying talking squirrel. I know Chi can hear him so she's tripping out but another guy can hear him and maybe the others so who knows how many of the others are doped up to hear talking squirrels. Maybe only two people can hear him, a mystery, really it is!

References, and you know, I didn't give much of a shit so how could I rate this properly? They all suck, that's the best I can do at this point.

Overall: Holy fucks this was shit. Shitballs bad. Boring, unexciting, lame, uncool, square, crap. I didn't enjoy my time in the house of bros whenever I paid attention and it should have been more on bromance or have the girl turn out to be a guy and then it'd be some shoujo- shounen-ai crap instead of this bullshit harem otome game adaptation crap. And fuck you squirrel, I hate you as much as that damn kid bro.

End note: That dad got busy to have all them kids.

2/10 story
5.5/10 animation
7.5/10 sound
1.5/10 characters
2.5/10 overall
hamletsmage's avatar By on Dec 31, 2015

I'll preface this by saying I adore reverse harem animes. So, that will influence my ratings to be a little higher than those some that don't enjoy 5+ boys vying for one girl. Some people like boobs in the animes, I like emotional turmoil. Oh, and if you're not into potential relationships between step-siblings, avoid this anime. 

The story follows Ema as she moves in with her new step-brothers. Yes, her name is Ema, not Chii, don't be fooled by the synopsis. So, Ema is a second-year high school student at the start of the anime, and her new brothers range in age from early 30s (Masa is 31) to 10 (Wataru). Basically, hormones run high and everyone of reproducing age starts having thoughts about Ema. Now, some get confused by the title "Brothers Conflict" and think that Ema fights with her brothers. Actually, the conflicts are long-standing between the brothers, and Ema serves as the catalyst. So a lot of the anime is these conflicts and their backstory. I was a little iffy about some of their approaches to Ema (I'm looking at you Futo), but when you have 12 profiles to creat,e I guess some of them have to be edgy? 

The animation is quite lovely, as it should be with an established character base. The story is an otome game and much of the scenery and character design were taken from the game. Still, the animation is pretty fluid. 

I can't say much for the music, mostly because I skipped the intro and outro. The story was much more interesting. Though, you'd think there would be some music with Futo being a pop star. 

The only problem I had with any of the characters is Ema herself. She develops some during the anime, but she seems to be a blank slate for the most part. You will develop a favorite brother, and I hope it's one of the main... 6, I guess. Otherwise, his appearance will be less frequent. They are pretty flushed out, with a lot of personalities. But again, this was taken from an otome game. 

7/10 story
7/10 animation
?/10 sound
7/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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deideiblueeyez's avatar By on Dec 21, 2015

This'll be a WIP review, because I want to break down every brother in this series, and since there are 13 of them...I'll be using the Brothers Conflict wiki to help flesh out my analysis of this anime.

It is not the worst otome I've ever watched. No, that award goes to Diabolik Lovers, which somehow managed to make even flatter characters with fewer boys. Hurray!

Ema Hinata is an only child when her father ups and marries a woman with thirteen sons (she had like eight of them with her previous husband, from what I understand). So now she's the big/little step-sister of 13 of them! And she moves in with them! And they all vie for her attention! Can she get through this with the help of her annoying squirrel pet, Juli?! Who is a boy squirrel?!

At first I was dismayed at how many of them there were and how eager they were to jump in her lap but by the third episode I began to let myself enjoy it. "Why not?" I thought to myself. "There are two brothers with glasses! You always get one in these kinds of shows!"

It's not ground-breaking, but as is the case with otome-turned-anime, the emotional depth is left off-screen. From the research I have done, the otome fleshes out the character much more than in the anime, which makes sense since you have agency to get closer to one brother over the other, whereas the animes either gives you a baseline friendship with them and steers the lead towards one love interest, or devotes an episode to each love interest that eventually leads one being singled out as the "end goal". That's usually a miss with me, but whatever.

Since there are thirteen brothers there are, surprisingly, some diverging personalities all under one roof. Even if they are standard, stock characters, the only similarity among them is that they love Ema. As is the case with siblings, some are complete opposites to each other and some act very similarly but not identically. Having four younger siblings myself, that's very accurate in regards to sibling relationship dynamics (I'm getting all family counselor in a reverse-harem anime review, Christ).

Now onto the brothers.**

Masaomi Asahina
Age: 31

Masaomi is the eldest brother of the family and a doctor. He's a kind, gentle father figure for everyone.

Ukyo Asahina
Age: 29

Ukyo is the second oldest and a lawyer. He cooks for the family and is the mother figure for the family. He and Masaomi took it upon themselves to help organize and structure the family to avoid it from divulging into chaos (A/N: My top pick) 

Kaname Asahina
Age: 27

Besides looking like a Zelda character, he is a flirtatious Buddhist priest. I wondered why this was a trope in the first place, and then I learned that Japanese Buddhist priests can marry and have children. It sure explains Miroku's behavior...So yeah, this anime inspired me to research. It is thus not the worst anime ever because it compelled me to learn something! (Throws confetti)


Hikaru Asahina
Age: 26

A cunning crossdresser and a novelist. Have no idea why. Not a drag queen or trans because he's interested in Ema along with everyone else.


      Tsubaki Asahina                   Azusa Asahina             Natsume Asahina

Ages: 24

They are triplets, with Tsubaki being the eldest. Tsubaki and Azusa are identical twins and work as partners-in-crime as voice actors while their youngest ...triplet (?) Natsume is a game designer. (I assume either Tsubaki or Azusa dyed their hair because identical twins are supposed to look alike >_>, but what do I know about biology...) Take notice of the fact that all three have a beauty spot somewhere on their faces.

Louis Asahina
Age: 21

Adopted 8th brother who is also a hairdresser (at this point you should be able to count the order of brothers). He's the only person other than Ema that can understand Juli's chittering (which begs the question: Does Ema respond to Juli with chittering or English? Is she looking absolutely crazy when she talks to Juli if it's the former? What the hellll)

Subaru Asahina
Age: 20

A Uni student that loves basketball. Perhaps the most easily flustered around Ema otherwise he's pretty stoic and doesn't really mesh with people (including family) that aren't as interested in sports as he is.

Iori Asahina
Age: 18

High school student and model. A bit of a wild card, honestly. He's both closed-off and reclusive yet is very perceptive of others' feelings and reaches out to Ema when she has problems. 

Yuusuke Asahina
Age: 17

The most hot-headed and emotional of all the brothers. High school student and a classmate of Ema; he had a crush on her from the first time he saw her. At first he was against Ema being his sister (obviously because that meant they were family and dating would be...weird) but he warmed up to the idea very quickly. He's the most outraged at any attempts by his brothers to make passes at her.

Fuuto Asahina
Age: 15

High school student/Idol that wants to get into acting. A real shit-kid. He's got a sharp tongue and enjoys teasing and trying to seduce Ema more often than not. As a result, he and Yuusuke are often at odds with each other.

Wataru Asahina
Age: 10

Elementary school student and the youngest of the brothers. Just like the other brothers, he wants Ema's heart, though because of his age his intentions at the present time are undoubtedly much less sexual.

And there you have it, folks. 13 brothers. I will continue on with the review later. This took at least 45 minutes alone to type up.

** Apologies for very crappy scaling and sizing of photos. Don't think I don't realize that D: 

5/10 story
7/10 animation
5/10 sound
5/10 characters
5/10 overall
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