Break Blade Movie 6: Doukoku no Toride

Alt title: Broken Blade: Fortress of Lamentation

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Gun x Sword

Gun x Sword

Evergreen would be a peaceful and prosperous place – if it wasn’t under siege by bandits. Most of the inhabitants have already been killed or driven off, but among the ones remaining is Wendy – a young girl who is intent on finding her kidnapped brother. As the outlaws bring their full arsenal to bear, including one of the dreaded Armor war-machines, the fate of Evergreen looks sealed. However, a slim hope appears in the form of the wanderer Van, who possesses extraordinary martial skills and even an Armor of his own. But Van has motives and goals of his own, which don’t necessarily involve saving besieged towns...

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AmandaKondrael AmandaKondrael says...

They both have mechas and the feel is very much the same. I think that someone who liked either Break Blade or Gun X Sword would like the other as well.