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Life is tough during the Warring States period of medieval Japan: lords battle lords for control of the country, while samurai and mystical warriors do their bidding from the shadows. Backstabbing and betrayal are common, and legendary ninja Saizou Kirigakure has had enough. He lives only for himself - until a girl with a mysterious dark power falls into his arms. Saizou quickly finds himself dragged into a struggle between powerful warlord Ieyasu Tokugawa, and the strange but alluring Yukimura Sanada. He becomes one of "Sanada's Ten Braves," who use their mystical powers and ninja abilities to protect the people and things they care about the most.

Source: NIS America

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  • The Fateful Two image

    Episode 1

    The Fateful Two

  • Dark and Light image

    Episode 2

    Dark and Light

  • Valley of Whirlwinds image

    Episode 3

    Valley of Whirlwinds

  • The Souls of the Gods image

    Episode 4

    The Souls of the Gods

  • The Heart of the Dragon image

    Episode 5

    The Heart of the Dragon

  • Taizan Meido image

    Episode 6

    Taizan Meido

  • Sword and Fan image

    Episode 7

    Sword and Fan

  • The Birth of a Warrior image

    Episode 8

    The Birth of a Warrior

  • The True Face of Ice image

    Episode 9

    The True Face of Ice

  • The Start of Tragedy image

    Episode 10

    The Start of Tragedy

  • The Wail of Darkness image

    Episode 11

    The Wail of Darkness

  • The Warrior of Light image

    Episode 12

    The Warrior of Light

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roriconfan's avatar by roriconfan on Apr 19, 2012
Score 2.5/10

Brave 10 is based on a manga which is loosely based on the Sengoku period. One of the various fables of that era was the Sanada Ten, a team of powerful warriors who were formed by Sanada Yukimura in his efforts to rule supreme. The premise is the formation of the team and is shown primarily through the eyes of Saizo.

I can’t say the setting and the premise are that... read more

ChibiRosie's avatar by ChibiRosie on Aug 8, 2012
Score 7.5/10

Pretty decent anime for a reverse harem theme, Alot of hot bishounens :) so girls are going to love it. Entertaining action scenes, the characters are the best part. They all have their own personality, and very well drawn. The Main girl Isanami shes kind of annoying but not to bad. Their are other female characters in the anime, my favorite was Ana. She reminded me of someone from Dead or Alive video game... read more

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