Brain Powerd

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In a possible future, mysterious devices called plates create robotic "Antibodys": Brain Powerds, or Grand Chers. In this world, a monumental structure known as Orphan lies at the bottom of the sea, slowly making its way to the surface to fly into space; however, its success would result in the death of every living being on the planet. Already, natural disasters are prevalent due to its ascension. In order to stop Orphen from obliterating humanity, the organization known as Novis Novah uses Brain Powerds to battle it, while Orphan searches for more plates and defends itself using Grand Chers. In the middle of this war is Hime, a girl who found and mastered a Brain Powerd on her own and joined Novis Noah, and Yuu, a boy who has served Orphan all his life but now decides to escape and fight alongside Hime. Can these two young people make a difference in this war? And what is the true purpose of Orphan?

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roriconfan Apr 19, 2012
Score 3.5/10

Man, was this one a drag! It gives you the impression that it will be an interesting and weird series but in reality it is totally boring and simple. This is one of the worst titles Tomino (the Gundam dude) ever made and studio Sunrise was out of its mind when it allowed for this thing to be made.

ART & SOUND SECTION: 5/10 [Awesome intro, lukewarm viewing.]

Hell, the intro was full of... read more



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