Bottle Fairy

Alt title: Binzume Yousei

TV (13 eps x 13 min)
2.371 of 5 from 1,998 votes
Rank #5,311

Kururu, Chiriri, Sarara, and Hororo are four faries who aspire to become human. To do this, they leave the fairy world to study for a year in our world. Aided by their friends Sensei-san and Tama, they have fun learning about topics ranging from school graduation ceremonies and sports festivals to romance and caring for flowers. But as the end of the year of study approaches, will they have learned enough to realize their dreams?

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KiraRin's avatar
KiraRin Sep 10, 2009
Score 4/10

After suffering through a recent deluge of epically engrossing shows, I was looking for a quick anime fix. Having seen several amusing AMVs related to a short series known as Bottle Fairy, I knew I'd found what I was looking for. However, with adorable characterisation that quickly became a vomit-inducing bowl of sugar-coated aspartame, Bottle... read more

angelsreviews's avatar
angelsreviews Jul 21, 2013
Score 7/10

First off, this is really stinking cute. It really was created for little kids to learn about their culture and in turn, it actually helps us understand a bit. It goes threw the 12 months and what happens in each month in Japan. It has a little bit of comedy in it, more in the sub then the dub because of word plays. The English does still have Japanese words in it and try to help explain them but it’s... read more



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