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Blue Sonnet

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2.336 out of 5 from 109 votes
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In their quest for the ultimate weapon, the secret organization Talon has delved into the realms of cybernetics and mind powers – culminating in the creation of the superpowered Blue Sonnet. When Talon begins to suspect that high school student Komatsuzaki Lan has level one Esper abilities, Sonnet is sent to observe and test her; but Lan has minimal control over her abilities, and when one of her friends is hurt during Sonnet’s “test,” she flees – with Talon’s forces hot on her trail. While Lan struggles to gain control of her newfound abilities and her humanity, Sonnet finds her own humanity slowly asserting itself. Will Talon succeed in molding Lan and Sonnet into the weapons they desire?

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Name Role
Shoichi NAKAYAMA Character Design
Takeyuki KANDA Director
Susumu AKETAGAWA Music
Masahiro SHIBATA Original Manga Creator

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Blue Sonnet roriconfan 5/10 Mar 24, 2012
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1_19 kkagerou 475 Jun 8, 2012
20 Must See OVAs (Between 3 and 8 eps long) jakarrd 20 Dec 13, 2009
1980s ReLoad - Must See TV jakarrd 64 Aug 8, 2009
dj8900 dropped Blue Sonnet
kusanagiV1 won't watch Blue Sonnet
HasseRovdjur wants to watch Blue Sonnet
oldcharlie55 watched Blue Sonnet at 5 of 5 episodes
tayubino rated the Blue Sonnet anime 2/5 stars

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While the nations of the world are trying to abolish warfare and the existence of armies, private companies are creating their own armies. The Kuryu group has been trying to create the perfect weapon; human beings capable of mastering their "mind shadow" named Vajura. They were hoping for an edge, but the experiment seemingly went wrong. However many years later a strange young girl named Elaine escapes the Kuryu research facility. Confronted with hostile gangs, hunted by cybernetic agents, and other strange members of the Kuryu group she is forced to become the Genocyber, the first Vajura. Confronted again and again with the experiments of the Kyuryu group and the inhumanities of mankind, she has no choice but to continue to fight, but at what cost?

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Genocyber takes the idea of a young girl with unfathomably powerful psychic abilities and turns it up a few notches. If you liked Blue Sonnet and want something with a bit more of an epic feel you can't go wrong with Genocyber. It's darker and gorier, has less plot holes and is a lot less cliche.