Blue Seed

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In the present, Japan is under assault by murderous creatures known as Aragami whose origin and purpose remain unknown. The fate of Japan and the world itself lies with one young woman named Momiji who bears the burden of the Kushinada -- the one who must be sacrificed to silence the Aragami forever. With the help of Mamoru Kusanagi (a human and Aragami hybrid), and an agency filled with firepower-toting bodyguards, Momiji must use her Aragami-sensing powers to help save mankind; but will she ultimately have to lose her own life to save the lives of so many others?

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sothis's avatar by sothis on Mar 1, 2005
Score: 5.5/10

Taking place in Earth, in what seems to be the 80s, Blue Seed follows the story of a young woman named Momiji as she learns of her fate as the Kushinada. Japan is under attack by Aragami, creatures that appear to be monsters, but the general public doesn’t know much about these occurences. The Kushinada is supposed to be fated to be sacrificed, because only the Kushinada can make all the Aragami... read more

angelsreviews's avatar by angelsreviews on Jul 21, 2013
Score: 5/10

I loved the story. It mirror’s the real folklore even if it is in the here and now. I don’t really like Momiji much. She seems a lot like a whiny little bitch that gets what she wants. She is always getting into trouble and needing someone to save her. She does grow but I don’t think enough. I always get mixed up between the name Kushinada and Kusanagi. They are way to similar and I wish that... read more

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