Blue Gender: The Warrior

Movie (1 ep x 100 min)
2.518 out of 5 from 1,018 votes
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In the early 21st century, the emergence of an incurable condition known as B-cell growth led some of the affected to become "Sleepers" - people put under statis until a cure could be found. Yuji Kaido is one such Sleeper who awakens, several decades later, to a horrifying new reality. Giant bugs known as Blue have invaded the Earth, eating everything - and everyone - in sight. Now, all Yuji can do is escape from the city with the ones who saved him from his inevitable death, and make their way towards Second Earth: mankind's new home in space.

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jkhuskies's avatar by jkhuskies on Mar 22, 2015
Score: 3/10

This movie is about the worst Japanese remake of an anime series I have ever seen.   It tarnishes the anime in every shape and form, the story has a ton of holes the size of Mt. Everest.  The character development is skipped and the fact that most of the good parts are cut out makes it impossible for anyone to think the series is any good if they see the movie first. The love that Yuji and... read more

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