Blue Exorcist Movie

Alt title: Ao no Exorcist Movie

Movie (1 ep x 89 min)
4.181 of 5 from 5,914 votes
Rank #509

When his adopted father, Shiro Fujimoto was killed by his biological father, Satan, Rin Okumura swore to become an exorcist to avenge Shiro's death declaring war on his own blood-relatives of the underworld…Everyone is in the midst of preparing for a festival which is celebrated once every 11 years in True Cross Academy Town. However behind the scenes in the shadows, a "Phantom Train" goes berserk while the barriers protecting the town from demon intrusions were under repair. Rin, Yukio, and Shiemi are sent to exorcise the Phantom Train, but as usual Rin complicates the situation. Among all of the chaos, Rin meets a demon in the form of a young boy. Meanwhile, Cheng-Long Liu, a Senior Exorcist First Class from the Taiwan Branch joins Shura in the repair operation and the story takes an unexpected turn as all their fates cross.

Source: Aniplex USA

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Virdelet's avatar by Virdelet on Sep 27, 2013
Score 4.5/10

Little clarification: The movie is a side story. Its not a reboot ,a recap or a continue to the story and you can't watch it before watching the series. Recommended for: New to Anime, Blue Exorcist fan(duh?)  Not recommended for: If you haven't watched the series. The good: Fun to watch, beautiful scenery, some really good artwork and colorful visuals, funny new characters. ... read more

Skyleigh's avatar by Skyleigh on Mar 29, 2015
Score 9/10

Sure, let's introduce a new character for you to love!! JK!!! LOL, you don't get to keep him!  Other than that it's awesome. read more

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