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In the time of the Vietnam War, an American military base in Japan is plagued with a rash of killings whose assailant is unknown. Enter Saya, a mysterious young woman who happens to be the last of the vampire race, and has been charged by her government agency employer to investigate the sinister killings. With demons and creatures abounding, Saya must infiltrate a school to put a stop to the bloodshed -- unless the monsters get to her first...

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sothis Nov 20, 2004
Score 8/10

Let's be honest -- even though Blood the Last Vampire might be a great thing to watch, it isn't exactly swimming in plot. The little we know is that a young woman named Saya is one of the last original vampires, and works for the police department hunting down rogue demons and vampires alike. Her newest assignment places her at a local high school, where mysterious murders have been taking place... read more

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VivisQueen Aug 27, 2007
Score 7.5/10

This film is in essence the equivalent of a short story or novelette. Not just because it is literally a short film but because it wears shortness well; it compacts a tale without ever losing meaning or pace. They say short stories are some of the most difficult to tell, and if that is true, then Blood is a tiny masterpiece. Saya is a vampire slayer working for an unnamed organisation whose main... read more

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