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In world where flesh-eating monsters roam the streets, only one organization has the means to save civilization from annihilation: Red Shield, a specially-organized unit designed to fight these monsters, and the only weapon that can destroy them: Saya. Awakened from a 30-year sleep, Saya is thrust into a modern world which she has no memories of, and is troubled by a past filled only with bloodshed and sadness. With the undying love and support of her family and friends, she struggles to gain the strength to move forward and regain the pieces of her shattered memories.

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CyberKlown28's avatar by CyberKlown28 on Dec 26, 2009
Score: 10/10

Story:(10/10) Saya is a school girl who can't remember her past and such. Then blood thirsty beasts known as Chiropterans bring her back into her forgotten past. Then Saya along with her loyal chevalier, Haji, go on a journey to rid the world of these monsters. That little summary is very in general. It goes much deeper than that, but would take too long to write about. But lots of nice action, decent amount of... read more

flyingmongoose's avatar by flyingmongoose on Jul 26, 2014
Score: 7/10

Synopsis! Girl fights a “vampire” thing and learns about her special power and stuff blah blah fights evil blah blah uncle Ben dies blah blah it was ok. I guess this is one of those “slow burn” kind of shows for me, like Twin Peaks. Well, not like Twin Peaks (watch Twin Peaks). The only flaw I remember from seeing Blood+ was how generic everything was. Not a very good selling point... read more

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