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Blood+ main image more screenshots
3.848 out of 5 from 22,303 votes
Rank #981

User Stats - Dropped

Username Status Eps Rating
animefreak955 Dropped 12   not rated
AnimeGamer31 Dropped 9   not rated
animehime Dropped     not rated
animelover571 Dropped 13   not rated
animelover89 Dropped     not rated
AnimeLuv4lyfe Dropped     0.5 star rating
animeluver4life Dropped 3   2 star rating
Animenerdz Dropped 2   not rated
animenoobie Dropped 19   not rated
AnimeOtaku Dropped 6   1.5 star rating
AnimeOtaku3000 Dropped 5   not rated
AnimeOwl27 Dropped     3 star rating
animequeen567668 Dropped     not rated
animerocks33 Dropped     not rated
AnimeSeeker Dropped 2   not rated
AnimeShima Dropped 6   3.5 star rating
animestylexfan Dropped     not rated
animeusername Dropped     2.5 star rating
Animirage Dropped 3   3.5 star rating
Animya Dropped 5   not rated
anisukidayo Dropped 20   not rated
Annyu Dropped     2.5 star rating
Anon Dropped 2   not rated
anosora Dropped 1   1 star rating
antboy909 Dropped 18   2.5 star rating
aoikun Dropped 4   2 star rating
AoiNagisa Dropped     2 star rating
Aokinonashu Dropped     not rated
aoyagicz Dropped 2   not rated
apoc9 Dropped 2   1 star rating
Aporias Dropped 8   not rated
Appleerandoms Dropped     not rated
Applejeffs Dropped     not rated
Apples Dropped     2 star rating
ApplesDaMan Dropped     3.5 star rating
aprilgurl Dropped 3   not rated
aquana Dropped 7   2.5 star rating
Aqueus Dropped     not rated
arachise Dropped 10   not rated
arannanas Dropped     not rated
Arcenal Dropped 1   not rated
Arcenaux Dropped 13   not rated
archie Dropped     not rated
archiesangel Dropped     1.5 star rating
ArchonWing Dropped     2 star rating
Arcleid Dropped 5   not rated
arendyl Dropped 7   not rated
aresares Dropped 3   3 star rating
Arez17 Dropped     not rated
Argoz Dropped 2   not rated