Blood Lad

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Staz isn’t what you’d call a traditional vampire. He’s fascinated by human culture - especially anime, manga and video games - and unlike his brethren, he has no interest in sucking people dry. As a prominent street boss in the demon world, Staz has never desired to go to to the human world. But when a human girl accidentally wanders into his territory, is eaten by a carnivorous plant and comes back as a ghost, Staz makes a life-changing decision: he’ll help resurrect this lovely lady any way he can, even if it means heading to Earth! But the path won’t be easy, what with having no idea how to complete the task and his own laziness standing in the way.

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ihate00's avatar by ihate00 on Sep 23, 2013
Score: 6.5/10

Oh, damn, those vampires again, it seems they are everywhere, and why am I complaining when I am reviewing a vampire anime? First lets make it clear I picked up this only for the fact that it seems like it would be a comedy and for the Seinen tag. Turns out it is mostly a comedy... read more

Flint879's avatar by Flint879 on May 5, 2014
Score: 6.5/10

THE STORY IS: Staz is a vampire who spends most of his time being a otaku who watches anime, reads manga, and plays video games. Staz is also the boss of a piece of territory within the Demon World. One day, a human girl named Fuyumi stumbles upon a portal and finds herself in the Demon World. Staz becomes fascinated by her because he is fascinated with the human culture. While Fuyumi is spending her time... read more

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