Blood-C: The Last Dark

Alt title: Gekijouban Blood-C: The Last Dark

Movie (1 ep x 110 min)
3.576 of 5 from 2,870 votes
Rank #2,070

Saya is part human, part monster, and has one thing on her mind: REVENGE. Visions of twisted experiments and creatures slaughtering everyone she loved fuel her thirst for vengeance. With blade in hand and rage boiling in her veins, she tracks her tormentor to Tokyo—where flesh-hungry beasts have begun to feed. There, she joins a group of young hackers hunting for the same man. As Saya slices her way through lies, traps, flesh, and bone, how much blood will she shed to cut down the mastermind behind her madness?

Source: Funimation

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Varagauzer's avatar
Varagauzer Oct 9, 2013
Score 4/10

Story Well this attempts to finish off Blood-C the series ending in a cliffhanger. The basic idea is about a bunch of monsters called elder barins of which a girl called Saya  kills because I dont know why she does it , they say that she needs to do it and for some strange reason she can't even kill humans no matter how much she wants to, I dont know why she can't do that either, anyway... read more

Alquds98's avatar
Alquds98 Oct 21, 2016
Score 6/10

A finale of sorts to the blood c anime and which attempts to show Sayas past and kill Fumito. First Fumito is the worst villian I have ever seen I mean had this been a comedy anime sure I get having a lousy anime but this is not a comedy. In comparison to the anime the movie is better animated and looks better. The story is better but that is not saying much because the animes story is horrid. Also the gore is... read more

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