Blazing Transfer Student

Alt title: Honoo no Tenkousei


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All The Anime I Watched In 2017by bvincent

This list contains all the anime I finished in 2017, including rewatches.

Hayami Show vs Seki Toshihikoby viatoretvenus

What, you thought you were just a little bit thirsty, after Mirage of Blaze? No... you're focken PARCHED. Here be the Foe Yay between Hayami Show characters versus Seki Toshihiko characters, in chronological order. ~ ~ | | ~ ~ These...

Seki Toshihiko Essentials - Mainby viatoretvenus

His Main characters that are strongly featured. Notes: Cyber Formula series: Debut: Episode 6. || He is also the protagonist in these anime that are not listed on AP yet: Hoshineko Full House (Yaoi Seitarou, yes that is his name), Down Load ...