Blazing Transfer Student

Alt title: Honoo no Tenkousei


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  • Circuit no Ookami II: Modena no Ken
  • Debutante Detective Corps
  • Houkago no Pleiades Movie
  • Houkago no Pleiades
  • Anime Tenchou

Shortest Route to Studio Badge - Lesson 5: Gainax by hamletsmage

So you want to collect all of the studio badges and become an anime master? But you simply don't have the time to spend watching an infinite number of episodes? Well, there are two methods for...

  • Princess Army
  • Blazing Transfer Student
  • Hades Project Zeorymer
  • Zillion: Burning Night
  • Red Photon Zillion

Hayami Show vs Seki Toshihiko by viatoretvenus

What, you thought you were just a little bit thirsty, after Mirage of Blaze? No... you're focken PARCHED. Here be the Foe Yay between Hayami Show characters versus Seki Toshihiko characters, in...

  • Bio Hunter
  • Cyber Formula SIN
  • Cyber Formula
  • Blazing Transfer Student
  • Ai no Kusabi

Seki Toshihiko Essentials - Main by viatoretvenus

His Main characters that are strongly featured. Notes: Cyber Formula series: Debut: Episode 6. || He is also the protagonist in these anime that are not listed on AP yet: Hoshineko Full House...