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In the near future, demons with the ability to fuse with machinery and infest corpses have begun terrorizing mankind. Dubbed 'Amalgams', no one knows how they are created, or where their abilities originate from. As the random outbreaks continue, the general population begins to panic, demanding protection from these vicious beasts; enter XAT, a military unit created solely to counter the Amalgam threat. Despite being a highly skilled unit, however, they find themselves hard pressed to contain the threat, let alone subdue it. To compound matters further, a new type of Amalgam surfaces that proves even more devious than the rest - one made from the human, not machine. Yet all is not lost, two of these new Amalgams - the feisty Gerd and the mysterious Blue - actively oppose the others. With the odds stacked against them, will they be able to protect mankind while simultaneously being shunned by it?

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  • Prelude to Despair image

    Episode 1

    Prelude to Despair

  • The Cost of Glory image

    Episode 2

    The Cost of Glory

  • Outbreak image

    Episode 3


  • Encirclement image

    Episode 4


  • Scorn image

    Episode 5


  • Demon's Lament image

    Episode 6

    Demon's Lament

  • The Abyss of Hate image

    Episode 7

    The Abyss of Hate

  • No Longer Powerless image

    Episode 8

    No Longer Powerless

  • The Meaning of Power image

    Episode 9

    The Meaning of Power

  • The Bowels of Conspiracy image

    Episode 10

    The Bowels of Conspiracy

  • An Overture to the Apocalypse image

    Episode 11

    An Overture to the Apocalypse

  • Judgment Day image

    Episode 12

    Judgment Day

  • Distant Memories image

    Episode 13

    Distant Memories

  • Saintly Decision image

    Episode 14

    Saintly Decision

  • Millenary Knights of God image

    Episode 15

    Millenary Knights of God

  • Reunion image

    Episode 16


  • Bellow of the Beast image

    Episode 17

    Bellow of the Beast

  • The Fourth Apocalypse image

    Episode 18

    The Fourth Apocalypse

  • Quondam Affections image

    Episode 19

    Quondam Affections

  • Legion from the Netherworld image

    Episode 20

    Legion from the Netherworld

  • Phantom Rider image

    Episode 21

    Phantom Rider

  • Drifting Hearts image

    Episode 22

    Drifting Hearts

  • Scorched Earth image

    Episode 23

    Scorched Earth

  • Promised Land image

    Episode 24

    Promised Land

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roriconfan's avatar by roriconfan on Apr 14, 2012
Score 5/10

Reading comments and reviews about this anime, one will be really confused if it’s really worth it or not. It is true that it has all the win formula in it but the experienced eye (like moi) is able to see thing clearer and thus it wasn’t that hard to figure out the problems in execution. The reasons are actually quite easy for anyone to understand as long as they don’t have Pokemon as their... read more

PhdInCartoons's avatar by PhdInCartoons on Mar 5, 2013
Score 6.5/10

Story Interesting premise. At the start it intrigues you. You very quickly become disappointed as the storyline is very poor.    Animation
All characters look good, and there is some good use of CGI in places. Thats if everything stayed still. When it comes to the actual moving of the characters the animation is horrible.    Sound The music used for the opening theme is good, and... read more

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