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BLAME! is a very dark and abstract set of 6 shorts which are based on the manga by Tsutomu Nihei. The "story" (if it can be called that) revolves around a man named Killy: a human living amongst clones and androids. His task, it seems, is to collect things known as "net-genes", and to help find the remaining humans that may or may not exist.

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Don9aldo's avatar by Don9aldo on Feb 12, 2012
Score 7/10

I understand why people would give this a low score due to its complete incomprehensibiliy if you're not reading the manga alongside it - and as we already have a review stating this, I'm going to be taking the opposite viewpoint. This collage of scenes from from the manga should be taken as just that, a mix of different points in the overarching story that, in this context, make no real sense. But when the... read more

TheTruth34's avatar by TheTruth34 on Jul 14, 2016
Score 1/10

I never rated anything a one out of ten… until I encountered Blame.

Perhaps it was because I am a man of the pencil and paper, and I tend to become extremely irritated when others criticize my work. As a result, I don’t particularly enjoy ripping someone else’s culmination of effort to shreds. Instead, I always appreciate the thing or things a crappy series pulls off successfully, even... read more

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