Black Rock Shooter TV

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Athletic Mato is excited to start middle school and meet new people, including Yomi, an artistic girl who doesn't open up easily to others. While awkward around each other at first, things change when the girls discover their mutual obsession for a fantastical picture book. But just as the pair becomes fast friends, they're torn apart by a cruel, wheelchair-bound girl who considers Yomi her personal possession and refuses to let anyone else near her. What's worse, Mato has recently begun to have strange dreams about girls brawling in bizarre colorful worlds that seem to parallel her personal struggles. With jealousy, insecurity, and foreboding dreams always getting in the way, can the two girls ever become true friends?

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roriconfan's avatar by roriconfan on Mar 30, 2012
Score: 5.5/10

Black Rock Shooter (BRS) began as a Vocaloid song, where Miku’s uniform was inspired by some illustrations made by a guy named Huke. An OVA was created in 2010 based on that song/illustration combo, which received a ridiculously huge hype by all the Vocaloid fans. Not a surprise since it was after all a fan catering title. Two years later (2012) NoitanimA decided to take this title in its timeslot and... read more

Altair3140's avatar by Altair3140 on Feb 8, 2015
Score: 4.8/10

Black Rock Shooter (TV) is supposed to be a melodramatic slice of life with some rather strange action elements tossed in, but those (interesting) action elements really mutilated this already broken mess of an anime.
STORY Black Rock Shooter is about an average middle school-girl named Mato Kuroi, (What is it with the main character being average) who meets a less average middle school-girl named Yomi... read more

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