Black Rock Shooter

OVA (1 ep x 50 min)
3.58 of 5 from 13,644 votes
Rank #2,059

In a dark and dreary dimension, the mysterious Black Rock Shooter roams the desolate landscape with her gigantic gun, pausing only to battle against other mysterious super-powered girls. Elsewhere, a teenage girl is excitedly preparing for her very first day of junior high, eager to begin her new life of attending a basketball club and befriending the elegant new girl. But what exactly is the connection between these two worlds?

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LadyPsychic's avatar
LadyPsychic Jan 7, 2016
Score 7.5/10

Story The story may confuse those who watch this OVA for the first time, but it does make more sense after watching it for a second time.  Basically, it jumps between the two girls becoming friends (and later, their friendship starting to fall apart) in the real world, and the two girls fighting each other with super powers in some alternate universe.  The constant jumping will... read more

WittyKatts's avatar
WittyKatts Aug 16, 2010
Score 5.5/10

Story: The story was good, but trying to fit so much into one episode was just waaay too much. At the beginning, one second you would be watching a slice of life kinda thing, and then the next second it would just go to two girls in another world fighting each other. Extremely confusing much? At the end, you figure out how they are related, but a big question still remains: who the hell is BRS? You... read more

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