Black Lion

OVA (1 ep x 44 min)
1.908 of 5 from 420 votes
Rank #6,396

In the year 1580, Nobunaga Oda is on a warpath to obtain rulership of Japan at any cost, and ninja and samurai alike are banding together to try to put a stop to his tirade. But when the invincible warrior Ginnai Doma – also known as the Ninja Killer – enters the picture, more than just a little blood will be shed. It's up to Shishimaru of the Iga Ninja and other powerful fighters to take down Ginnai once and for all, but little do they know that aliens, cyborgs, and even strange technology are somehow involved!

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sothis Aug 19, 2007
Score 8/10

NOTE: though I was careful to avoid spoilers in the synopsis and screenshots, this anime is just too hilarious to not put specifics into the review.  I don't necessarily think the things I'll discuss are spoilers compared to what every other site says about the anime (not to mention you find these things out in the first 10 minutes), but be forewarned if you are particularly sensitive... read more

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Ittermat Mar 20, 2014
Score 5/10

note: I havent watched this in a while- so Im going off of what I remember-apologies if anything is wrong <3
Im sure you're probably thinking-

"Ittermat you only gave it a two out of five in your actual rating...why is this review higher than that?"

well I'll tell you-

Its because the movie so batshit insane its fun to... read more



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