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Black Lagoon

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4.398 out of 5 from 23,379 votes
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Rokuro Okajima is a small-time salaryman who is carrying documents for his company, when the ship he's traveling on is attacked by pirates. Kidnapped, he discovers to his dismay that his employers' main concern is to ensure the documents don't get into the wrong hands, even if it means sending the carrier to the bottom of the sea. Now, with his former life ruined and his kidnappers seeming comparatively friendly, "Rock" decides to join their merry band of mercenaries, and sets out with a new career to the shadier corners of the South China Sea.

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Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage TV 2006 Sequel
Black Lagoon Specials DVD Special 2009 TBD Omake released on the DVDs
Black Lagoon: Roberta's Blood Trail OVA 2010 TBD

related manga

Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Black Lagoon 2002 Original Manga
Black Lagoon (Light Novel) 2008 TBD
Name Role
Masanori SHINO Character Design
Sunao KATABUCHI Director
Rei HIROE Original Manga Creator
Jun NISHIMURA Producer
Mitsutoshi OGURA Producer
Junya OKAMOTO Producer

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Black Lagoon vivafruit 7/10 Mar 27, 2007

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Black Lagoon ThePhoenix23 9/10 Jun 26, 2014
Black Lagoon ratchet573 8.5/10 Dec 10, 2013
Black Lagoon CaptainSlow 7.5/10 Aug 26, 2013
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Great Animes BleachSta4Ever 18 Jul 11, 2014
Animes I've watched p4r4d0ks3 52 Jul 9, 2014
Action Anime kaitokid1998 42 Jul 8, 2014
Heliopolis watched Black Lagoon at 12 of 12 episodes
Tornexus won't watch Black Lagoon
Tornexus watched Black Lagoon at 12 of 12 episodes
Tornexus won't watch Black Lagoon
MpAfaRa0 stalled Black Lagoon anime at 10 of 12 episodes

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Burst Angel

Burst Angel

In the future, Tokyo has fallen victim to syndicates, trigger-happy people who run rampant and other groups who don't like to follow the rules. In response, an organization called RAPT has been created, whose goal is to maintain their definition of "peace". In the underground, however, science involving humans and powerful mechanics is progressing at a steady phase, but for what purpose? Meet our four angels who know how to kick butt and raise hell whenever it's needed. Their motto? Shoot first, talk later. Their mission? To make the seemingly impossible possible, of course...

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These two series are very similar; in fact, both of them feature female double-gun-wielding heroines as part of a mercenary squad. The story starts with a regular guy joining the respective squads, and further accomplishing missions. Except from the fact that Burst Angel features mecha and Black Lagoon does not, these anime have similar structure and feeling, and if you liked one, you're bound to like the other.


Both contain gun slinger girls who can out shoot any other person on the show. Both gunslingers get a look in their eyes that tells you they mean business and will show no mercy for those that stand in their way


loved the serie by the simple fact that the main character is a kick ass, trashy mouth, moody girl that can double shot everything? Then it's a must watch. Both series have these super agressive girls with a "I'm going to kill you" stare. Things are so feisty on those series that I bet something's exploding as you are reading this rec...


I have to say after rewatching this again this Black Lagoon has a very "dark aura" around itself. Especially around Revy. Based on that dark aura feeling I have to recommend Burst Angel that has the same feeling.

By Dark aura I don't mean that Revy is shooting a lot with her cutlasses and doing bad things. I mean the reasons that leaded into this situation, that feeling is very strong and gets stronger and stronger when you watched it.

Now I will again point out that eventough Burst Angel has also a woman who is a gunman but both share the same feeling where the dark aura keeps following.


Though "Black Lagoon" is stupendously superior in every way, "Burst Angel" has a lot of similar elements from an "action standpoint". If you dug one, you likely will the other. 


If you enjoyed Burst Angel! or Black Lagoon then you will definitely like the other. Both shows feature mercenaries being hired by certain clients to do all sorts of jobs, both shows feature female leads wielding two guns and great gun skills, both shows deal with underworld affairs. Both stories also start in a similar way having a normal male protagonist joining the team. The difference is that Burst Angel features mecha battles and a sci-fi aspect while Black Lagoon doesn't. Burst Angel also has a shoujo-ai sub-plot aspect as well so if you liked one you will definitely enjoy the other.


Both anime are similar in the way that they both involve heroines who dual wield pistols as their weapon of choice and belong to mercenary groups. They both also have lots of great and intense action scenes.

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It's the 1930s, and Mafia groups fight for supremacy in American cities. Young Firo joins the secretive Camorra group; a meek street boy, Jacuzzi, finds himself the leader of a gang of thugs; an alchemist is producing a liquor of immortality, and a homunculus tries to retrieve it; and upbeat thieves Isaac and Miria head to New York after failing to strike gold in California. They ride the novel train, the Flying Pussyfoot, across the continent. However they find themselves embroiled in a ruckus caused by gangs, terrorists, serial killers, and others as multiple stories intertwine and unfold on this fateful ride. All are haunted and hunted by the legendary Rail Tracer...

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Both anime are extremely violent and full of bloody scenes absoultely not suited for people with weak stomach. Action, drama, bloodshed and a bit of humour makes them incredibly watchable. Try it and see for yourself !


Both shows are about underworld ( though Baccano is set in 30s, while Black Lagoon is set in the present time)  and are quite violent. Both feature a large number of crazy killers fighting each other in gruesome ways. And both have the same  "happy killing" mood - the actions that should normally bring very dark and gloomy feelings, makes you grin. If you like one, you should enjoy the other a lot as well.


This is the single best recommendation I could make for both these shows, as the one thing that made them memorable over so many other shows, was the sheer amount of awesomeness. Fast paced action, eccentric characters and a long adrenaline rush are what made these two into what they are. If you loved one of these, I see no reason why you should not pick the other up as well.


A love of violence, guns, and bloodshed make these two anime very similar. Both involve a glimpse at the underworld of gangs and pirating (Baccano had it's speakeasies, Black Lagoon had its black market) There are also bits of humor in both anime as well.


Both of these shows have a strong western influence and have tons of action scenes with badass characters. If you enjoyed Black Lagoon for those reasons then Baccano! will be right on the ball in those categories.


Gangsters and violence are equally present in these animes however.....Baccano! is a on the supernatural side, but they both give offer a dosage a gritty entertainment.

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Darker Than Black - Kuro no Keiyakusha

Darker Than Black - Kuro no Keiyakusha

A giant wall looms over Tokyo, shielding the city from a dangerous otherworld called the 'Hell's Gate'. Within the city, things are no less terrifying because Contractors, psychopathic killers with phenomenal powers, have started to appear. These killers are compelled to pay a price every time they use their powers, often in the form of a meaningless or painful task. As their deadly habits rack up a gruesome death toll, Kirihara Misaki and her team from the Foreign Affairs Public Security struggle to solve the cases and bring the Contractors under control. Their task is further confounded by the interference of a masked individual they title Messier Code BK201, a man with abilities that allow him to fight and defeat the Contractors. Who is this BK201? How can the Contractors be stopped permanently? And what does the appearance of the Hell's Gate mean for the people of Tokyo?

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The character gallery of Black Lagoon is packed with people who, in one way or another, have abandoned normal morality, choosing instead a life of violence and risk. They are no longer normal human beings, in any sense of the word "normal". Nowhere is this more clearly illustrated than in the character of Black Lagoon's protagonist, Rock.

Similarly, the contractors (keiyakusha) of Darker Than Black are no longer human, and their lives are dominated by violence and a lack of morality. In their few contacts with normality, these two galleries of characters illustrate to the audience precisely how much they have lost of their former humanity.


Although the overall plots are different, one can't help but to make a connection between the two. Reasons being that the groups in each are fighting for other organisations and have a desire to win a fight at all costs. Also it's a lot more realistic in terms of the individual characters decisions, bonds with the rest of the group and little peaks of human kindness in each that make you think - yeah, this is good action-based viewing. If not, well, they both kick and awful lot of butt.


Black Lagoon and Darker Than Black are both shows in which the redeeming quality lays with the awesome characters, dark feeling and action. Although, besides the fantasy aspect to Darker Than Black, there is little difference between the shows, Darker Than Black focusses a bit more on the story, and Black Lagoon more on the badassery.


Each of these stories are centered around characters that have a different sense of morality, doing whatever they can to simply get by in life. Furthermore, each of these shows are extremely dark with amazing action and well developed characters.


If you like action, then look no further. Black Lagoon may be quite a bit rowdier with less mystery and intrigue, it still offers an amazing amount of deep story. Darker than Black and Black Lagoon both explore the lives of those living outside the law along with the obstacles they must face and the relationships they must develop.


In both Darker than Black and Black Lagoon, there is a main character (Hei and Rock) that manage to keep a sense of morality in a world filled with violence. Both Hei and Rock have a rather domestic-looking front to deal with society, and both were introduced to their new roles by a stronger female.

Both anime also contain a group of people that take on missions that last a few episodes, while at the same time establishing the relationship between the team and other groups.

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Full Metal Panic!

Full Metal Panic!

Gonzo does it again with this action-packed mecha comedy. She's an ordinary high school girl. He's a counterterror agent assigned to protect her from those who would steal the information locked in her mind. OK, so she's not so normal after all. Armored Slave battles and lovers' spats abound as Sousuke and his comrades try to track down the mysterious Gauln before it's too late.

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Both Black Lagoon and FMP involve mercenary groups who get in trouble with governments and have comedic incidents. And both have very good fight scenes, although Full Metal Panic! focuses more on secret love aspects. They are both great and will surely bring you enjoyment.


Well, the anime are not the same, but are both very ineresting. Both anime present action and social moments. There are many differents but also many particulars that put together the two anime. So if like one you have to see also the other.


Full Metal Panic and Black Lagoon both deal with similar organisations; independant armed groups that kick asses of bad guys. The characters are well flawed and benifet from each others company. On the action side both have some seriously cool fight scenes that will blow one, if not two of your socks off.


Both the organizations these series are centered around (Mithril and Lagoon) are armed groups for hire, centered around characters with believable flaws, and amazing fight scenes.


I can't believe no one has said it yet, well not more bluntly at least. One of the main reasons I enjoyed FMP! and Black Lagoon so much is the particular relationship between the two main characters, Chidori and Sōsuke on one side, Revy and Rock on the other. The sexual tension between them is palpable !

Why are their relationships so similar ? Because both characters in each series obviously develop feelings for each other but neither one of them can confess them, due to the fact that they're all emotionally retarded, Sōsuke being socially inept, Chidori being a tsundere, Revy being a sociopath and Rock being… Rock. Also both couples have the same composition : one normal person and one gun freak/badass.

There are other similarities but I wanted to stress this one in particular. As for the differences, Black Lagoon (adapted from a seinen manga) is more violent, though FMP! gets darker and more violent in the second season.


Two sets of unlikely couples:

Kaname Chidori and Rokuro "Rock" Okajima are more or less normal compared to their overly violent respective partners Sousuke Sagara and Revy.

If you find these sorts of pairings to your liking, these shows are for you.

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The country of Gazth-Sonika has been engaged in a civil war for more than a decade, struggling to stay afloat amidst attacks from the anti-government faction known as Garza. With lies and corruption seeping into the political food chain, a mysterious book in one young girl’s possession may be the only key to uncovering the truth and bringing an end to the war. This book, however, is sought by many. And when the invincible agent Madlax is hired to protect those in search of its truth, Gazth-Sonika dispatches a ruthless soldier to make sure that truth stays in the darkness...

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If you liked Madlax you would also like Black Lagoon because both are stories about war-damaged individuals who would think it natural for their day to start out with a gunfight. Both series are set in war-ravaged countries were you could lose your life over a can of soup, and where the strong female leads fight to survive while struggling with their pasts.


I don't know what it exactly was that made me think of Madlax when I was watching Black Lagoon, but they definitely feel alike. The easiest thing would be to blame it on the fact that Madlax and Revy use very similar gun-kata (AKA gun fu). If you liked Black Lagoon, you should give Madlax a try.


Dealing with the effects of living in a war torn orcriminal packed country is the underlaying theme that links this two titles together. Kill to live is what it's all about. While Madlax tries to give answers as why people enjoy war so much and how to deal with it, Black Lagoon is more lighthearted and action oriented, but both feature strong female leads with similar gun-fu fighting styles and clean execution. Revy is a badass version of Madlax, and Madlax is a colled down, biit phylosophical and smiling executioner. So if you liked Black Lagoon but want a deeper story try Madlax. And if you liked Madlax but want something easier to watch, or didn't like it because of the "human nature" storyline, try Black Lagoon


If you like Black Lagoon then you would also like Madlax. Both have women that are dominate and overpowering, not to mention attractive. So if that's your thing, then Madlax will satisfy you want for a dominating woman.


Black Lagoon and Madlax feature strong female leads that are skilled at using all sorts of guns. Both of them are assassins (in Black Lagoon's case Revy is concidered a mercenary) that take jobs from different clients/organizations. While Black Lagoon deals with mafia and its schemes, Madlax deals with secret organizations and military organizations in a war zone. If you liked one, you will enjoy the other one as well.


Well both are down and out badass with awesome female lead that kicks some major ass in battle... the battle sequences in both series are bad ass but the story is just as good with moments that make your skin crawl and move you to your heart... definitley they are both recomendation for each other black lagoon and madlax are peas in a pod