Black Lagoon


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Cool actionby Nektoto

I've watched many titles with tag "action", but somtimes action was sooooooo booooooooring. That's why I make this list with anime, where action is real action, with good animation and furious fights/

Anime Tier List (Shows)by Th3Laugh1ngMan

Rankings based off of sheer quality.

Favorite Dnimeby Trextro

"Dnime" was a typo at first, but I've grown to love it so

Voor_Ramonby dboss37337

Just for a f(r)iend

My personal favoritesby Arty650

List of my personal favorite animes. Take a look and my try some out. Some are here because they are in my opinion masterpieces, however there are others in here that I think are just nice little ones you should watch. Some are emotional, some are...