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Things Are Getting Deep Hereby DanyonGreymoon

Here are the deepest and most thought provoking anime I've seen.

Best Openingsby PlatNim

This list changes all the time with every new anime/episode I watch.

Some of my favoritesby askfire

From comedies to tragedies, these are some of my favorite animes.

Anime Challenge 2016 (COMPLETED)by Shyngi

I decided to do this challenge I found from LJ. There's some titles I've wanted to watch for a VERY long time but haven't got myself around them.

My Fav Animéby Asharan

not in any particular order ^^

best anime i've ever seenby BlancaXLobo

My absolute all-time favourites. The first ones, to me, are the proof of anime as an art.

Anime I ownby murcam

All the anime I own


A LIST OF ANIME FOR MANLY MEN MAN, MEN! I think, or something like that. Just stuff that would appeal to a male audience, and without a ton of ecchi bullcrap. This is also only anime I have seen. ALSO IF YOU HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS THAT ARE NOT...