Black Jack 21

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Black Jack is a deeply shady character; a heavily-scarred and black-wearing unlicensed surgeon who charges extortionate fees, he cuts a sinister figure. Children fear him, and the medical establishment despises him. He lives on the edge of town, speaking to only a few people, and he comes and goes as he wishes. When a serious attempt is made on Black Jack's life, destroying his cliff-top residence in the process, Black Jack swings into action to find the culprit. His only clue is a faded sepia photograph, showing his mentor and benefactor, Dr. Honma, alongside other mystery figures. Traveling around the world and facing great dangers, Black Jack seeks to find out the truth behind the organization which wants him dead!


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cassiesheepgirl's avatar by cassiesheepgirl on Aug 26, 2009
Score: 6.5/10

Best described as the bastard love child of a rather dodgy soap opera and a James Bond film, Black Jack 21 is the latest instalment of Osamu Tezuka’s popular franchise. This time Black Jack becomes the target of a group of assassins hired by a mysterious corporation. With only a single photo as a clue, the... read more

Amathakathi's avatar by Amathakathi on Nov 22, 2010
Score: 5/10

I don't like giving bad reviews.... and I appreciate that Black Jack is a classic character with a lot of variant media, but I will take this show on its own merit as I have not seen the others. If you are not turned away by laughably fictional treatments, purposefully annoying sidekicks, emo main characters and a tired morality-based plot... then this may be for you. I don't want to say a show is bad simply... read more

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