Black Heaven

Alt titles: The Legend of Black Heaven, Kacho-Ouji

TV (13 eps)
3.27 of 5 from 1,543 votes
Rank #2,927

Meet Tanaka Oji: lead guitarist of a hard rock band in his youth, now an aging salaryman who has all but given up on his old dreams. Trudging through a boring day-to-day life, he gets a rude awakening when his musical talents are once again called upon — to save the galaxy from invaders, no less... but with age come responsibility; he has a family to look after and can’t just give up his day job, no matter how hot and blonde the reason. The time has come for a decision; will he once again try to live out his dream and rebel, or conform to the demands of society?

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JAhU Jun 23, 2014
Score 5/10

Moved from my blog (I clearly haven't written a proper review for this series and I wrote the original post back in 2011): It's been a while since I watched Legend of Black Heaven, so I don't remember all the details, but here are some of my thoughts on the series. At first I thought that, because the story is really crazy, the show has a potential. Unfortunately I was wrong, this anime is quite disappointing... read more

angelsreviews's avatar
angelsreviews Aug 6, 2013
Score 7/10

I started watching it and in first impressions, I did wonder what the hell I was watching. It’s heard to rate something that does not have a definite feel to it and this one seemed almost all over. It’s a slice of life with a lot of other things mixed into it and it just feels… off a bit. It’s not bad, but its not good ether leaving it in what I call no mans land along with a couple... read more



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