Black Heaven

Alt titles: The Legend of Black Heaven, Kacho-Ouji

TV (13 eps)
3.242 out of 5 from 1,434 votes
Rank #2,486

Meet Tanaka Oji: lead guitarist of a hard rock band in his youth, now an aging salaryman who has all but given up on his old dreams. Trudging through a boring day-to-day life, he gets a rude awakening when his musical talents are once again called upon — to save the galaxy from invaders, no less... but with age come responsibility; he has a family to look after and can’t just give up his day job, no matter how hot and blonde the reason. The time has come for a decision; will he once again try to live out his dream and rebel, or conform to the demands of society?

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oniphy's avatar by oniphy on Feb 1, 2010
Score: 9.8/10

The story of a has-been rocker, who learns to turn his life around by reconfirming the thing that he loves. Not the newest plot but it works. It has solid character development, nice visuals, and good music. The bad guys are a little vague but i think it was done that way on purpose, "the man" isn't "the man" if he isn't a mysterious figure. Anyway big thumps up, and once again dual... read more

roriconfan's avatar by roriconfan on Apr 22, 2012
Score: 6/10

Full list of the review series can be found on this page, 3rd post from bottom:


Black Heaven is a very unorthodox anime since it doesn’t follow a formula to the most part and that is what makes it very... read more



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