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15 Old Anime with Interesting Plotby Chappy09

They all supernatural and fantasy, some are comedy and slice of life. But, you know, some of them, like Kill la Kill and Black Bullet, are comedy and action. They all have good plot and ... well, I'm not a big fan of romantic anime, but I put...

Best anime starter packby Lunatiku

The best kit for beginners (freinds family gf) start from Tokyo ghoul - Re zero - Black bullet - Charlotte (best ending)

All the Animes I've Watchedby doggylue08

Includes commentaries (I'll be updating so not all the animes will have commentaries at the moment)

My Favorite Anime of 2014by kimbeey13

List is based solely on my own opinion and anime preferences. This list will only contain shows that I have completed, in order of favorite to least. (List still under construction)

Anime I watched in 2016by Alioqui

I use this list to keep track of what I have seen, and I write a short impression about the anime.

Animes to cryby Kessylein

Animes to cry. I had to cry at these animes. Many sad ends and many sad scenes.