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Black Blood Brothers

Black Blood Brothers main image
3.732 out of 5 from 9,041 votes
Rank #1,237

User Stats - Stalled

Username Status Eps Rating
09dvales Stalled 3   not rated
13autumns Stalled 4   3 star rating
A3efan Stalled     2.5 star rating
Aang12442 Stalled 4   5 star rating
abatas Stalled     not rated
abrahamSam Stalled 9   4 star rating
abubykun Stalled     not rated
abysssolider Stalled     not rated
acathexis Stalled 3   not rated
acce245 Stalled 2   not rated
AceoftheTARDIS Stalled 9   not rated
AcidAngel Stalled 8   3.5 star rating
adamlucio Stalled     not rated
AddictedHome Stalled     not rated
adehp Stalled 3   not rated
Adreya Stalled 8   3 star rating
AerithReborn Stalled 4   not rated
Aeshia Stalled 4   not rated
Airotia Stalled     3.5 star rating
Aishako Stalled     3 star rating
Aitheria Stalled 1   4 star rating
AkemiJamie Stalled 1   4 star rating
Akunen Stalled 8   not rated
AlbicansNocht Stalled 8   3.5 star rating
alchemyfarie Stalled     not rated
alexander Stalled 2   3 star rating
alexis1098 Stalled 1   not rated
Aliyance Stalled 4   not rated
AlmightyHanakoChan Stalled 1   not rated
AlucardAlive Stalled 3   not rated
Alveus Stalled     not rated
AnarchyAlice Stalled 4   not rated
andrutz4 Stalled 9   2.5 star rating
animecyc Stalled 7   3.5 star rating
AnimeDriftwood Stalled 10   not rated
Animefan555 Stalled 4   3.5 star rating
animeparty Stalled     not rated
anipanda Stalled 1   1 star rating
aquazombie Stalled     not rated
arashikero Stalled 1   not rated
arcangelao Stalled     not rated
arnake25 Stalled     not rated
ashi00 Stalled 5   4 star rating
Aspartame Stalled     not rated
asskickacr Stalled 6   3 star rating
aurilein Stalled     2 star rating
austbot Stalled 4   3.5 star rating
Ava Stalled 1   not rated
AvidRobot Stalled 1   not rated
Ayame4321 Stalled     not rated