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Bite Me! Chameleon

Alt titles: Chameleon

Bite Me! Chameleon main image more screenshots
  • OVA (1 ep x 50 min)
  • 1996
2.31 out of 5 from 109 votes
Rank #4,163


Tenth grader Eisaku Yazawa dreams of being a badass gang leader, but unfortunately for him he's also short and cowardly, bluffing his way out of any difficult situation. Things take a turn for the worse when Eisaku tells off Naoiki Aizawa, the leader of a major gang at his school. Aizawa is NOT one to just talk, he acts; and now he has just one thing in mind... making sure Yazawa ends up in a box! Desperately, Yazawa tries to solve the situation while staying alive and still looking cool, but everything he does just makes things worse!

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Name Role
Shinji OCHI Character Design
Mitsuo HASHIMOTO Director

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Title Author Score Date
Bite Me! Chameleon dalmain 7/10 Oct 21, 2013
Chameleon dalmain 7/10 Oct 21, 2013
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Can't find or not full-subbed anime Darkest 22 Nov 20, 2010
Anime list JosG 528 Aug 17, 2010
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$10 can not only buy you a cute hamster; it also get you a devoted housekeeper who will cook, clean, put on suntan lotion, and cheer you on when your relationships get stale! Does it seem like a dream? Then picture what life would be like if anybody who calls your house gets to know the contents of your underwear drawer! If you can’t imagine what rodents and ecchi have to do with each other, then enter the life of the hamster Ebichu, her sexy master, and the good-for-nothing boyfriend Kaishounachi, and see why a talking hamster can be such a bother!

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Both Bite Me! Chameleon and Ebichu are, in my opinion, anime which push the limits of crude humor and what can be done on screen. While neither is really my thing, if you enjoyed the crude jokes in one, you might like the other.