Birdy the Mighty

Alt title: Tetsuwan Birdy

OVA (4 eps)
3.371 of 5 from 2,042 votes
Rank #2,610

All Tsutomu used to care about was studying for his upcoming high school entrance exams - that is, until a series of events led him to Birdy, a hot-headed Federation Officer. Now, not only do Birdy and Tsutomu have to work together to defeat Christella Revi and her evil plans, they have to share the same body while doing it!

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TheStampede01 May 10, 2012
Score 6.5/10

So I watched the T.V series, before this and when I found out that Yoshiaki Kawajiri had created the original OVA, I knew I had to check it out. I was expecting a lot more blood, guts gore, nudity and his trademark char designs, but what I got was much of the same as the T.V series. Story- Aside from a few characters added in the T.V series, just about the exact same story. I don't really want to spoil, it... read more

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