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In a remote area of the countryside lives Binchou-tan: a pint-sized and carefree girl who takes odd jobs in a nearby town whenever she is running low on rice. Her bus rides take place within the talons of a soaring bird and her everyday tasks are quiet and uneventful; but her friends make every day a fun surprise. With two pink-haired sisters, a lonely affluent girl and the televised musings of the strange muffin-like Pukashu, Binchou-tan will live her life one happy day at a time!

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Dralha Nov 19, 2009
Score 9/10

Very nice slice-of-life fare, with some oddities peppered throughout. It had beautiful backdrops, a cute cast of quirky characters, and a mellow classical soundtrack. The story was a rollercoaster: there were lol moments, there were not-so-lol moments. read more

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vincent789 Aug 14, 2016
Score 9.5/10

This anime is a real gem.... next to the oversized animals or an protagenist that can shape shift herself into a smaller version of herself, this anime shows some cute things overall Story: The story is about a small child that lost it's parents and grandmother and father thus living by herself! Also it's strongly about Friendship, with a hint of hystorical history. Animation: Amazingly smooth for the... read more

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