Binbougami ga!

Alt titles: Good Luck Girl!, Binbogami ga!


RingoStarr1991's avatar By on Aug 21, 2014

Lately I have found it harder and harder to find anime that I honestly feel makes me really "laugh out loud" or really enjoy warming up to a character I previously hated. The show Binbougami ga! has somehow incorporated both of these aspects into a fun filled thirteen episode running.

Story: 6/10

No sugarcoating this category; being a slice of life and self contained episodic type show means there really isn't a whole lot of ways to have an interesting show especially since it is a parody anime that in my opinion rivals Gintama in how funny it comes off to be. The story follows Ichiko Sakura, the god of misfortune Momiji, and their rag tag friends as they progress through many different situations. The main premise of the show is that Ichiko absorbs all the "fortune" around her and it is making everyone else miserable. To fix this, Momiji is sent in to absorb Ichiko's fortune but she finds out fairly quickly that pretty much all of her efforts are in vain as Ichiko's fortune out powers Momiji's misfortune. Like most other comedy anime though the enjoyment is not in the plot, it is in the character interactions. Also there is fanservice in this anime but please do not let that make you shy away from this show. The absolute gold this show presents is in the character interactions and comedy.

Animation: 8.5/10

While it is not the most eyegasmic anime I have seen, the characters were drawn and animated very, very well. All of the characters literally seem to shine when on screen and all of their motions are captured very well. The background and action shots were particularly done well and yes even the obligatory fanservice episode was totally worth any wait. Speaking of fanservice, there is a lot of it in this show but not in the whole almost naked sense. Like other shows there seems to be characters dedicated for getting any ecchi pun/joke started and in this show it happens to be a black monk (Bobby) and a dog/whatever thing that likes S&M (Momou). I will go out on a limb and state that while some of the fanservice might be a little over the top, I would not turn this away only because of that aspect.  

Sound: 7/10

Being a sound guy in my spare time (lots of home recording), I am quite torn on the sound of this show. While the music seemed very fitting and the voice actors did an amazing job, I cannot help but be bothered by some of the audio quality of Ichiko in particular. For some reason some of her lines sounded like they were recorded in a really cheap closet with no sound dampening what so ever. I am not sure if this was just this particular voice actor's performance but regardless it was enough to kind of annoy me.  

Characters: 10/10

I'll attempt to relay my thoughts on the characters without going into total fanboyism but the short and sweet version is one of the best casts I have ever seen. The characters alone are not that interesting since they are typical cookie cutter personas but together as a whole they have a lot of chemistry and prove this by making me laugh unbelievable amounts. Being a parody show, you do somewhat have to know of the anime they are portraying but if you have seen the most popular ones you should be able to get most of the jokes. Regardless if you understand them or not, the show is funny enough on its own to keep you around for all thirteen episodes. Another great point about the show was how I eventually warmed up to Ichiko. Initially I really disliked her character as she really came off as a selfish bi#%@ but as the show progressed, you see a noticeable change in her character's values. I eventually really liked her as a person and of course her...assets. Just the way the characters interact with each other was such a joy to encounter. I am glad though that the anime was only thirteen episodes long as I feel if it was any longer, some of the gags would of started to run pretty dry.

Overall: 7.9/10

This show was just what I needed; a fresh and surprise blast. I had seriously been dragging my tail around with anime due to the total un-interest in this season's offerings but I am very glad that I took the time to go through my "want to watch" list to sniff this one out. If you want a carefree and total laugh out loud show to watch then look no further.

Enjoyment: 10/10

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Awesome Drummer

6/10 story
8.5/10 animation
7/10 sound
10/10 characters
7.9/10 overall
ProjectBlackRai's avatar By on Jul 14, 2012

Howdy, folks. 

For those of you that actually take the time to read my little reviews here and there, thank you. That being said, this time I review Binbougami ga!. This review is based on only seeing two episodes. However, much like with the horrid AKB0048, I felt the need to spread the love for this particular new series. Only with AKB0048, it was more like spread the loathing. 


The story here seems to be something that can develop well. This series is obviously a comedy with some minor dramatic elements. That being said, it's effing hilarious. The dischord between the two main characters right off the bat and the hijinks (Yeah, that's right. I said hijinks. So, what? You wanna fight about it?) that result in it give good laughs all around. Also, the repeated references to other animes are actually amusing. 


Animation is all right. I might have wanted to see a bit more depth and not something that looks like it came out of a "box," so to speak. Still, that being said, for the type of anime this seems to be, it's good enough. 


I'm not really sure where to begin here since the music is pretty generic. The OP/ED is pretty simple, nothing noteworthy, but there is room for something to come along and surprise us. 


This anime is going to center around its character development. I feel it. I used the Force and felt inside it and tickled its navel from the inside. ... Yeah, I know. Anyway, even in the first two episodes, you start to see something shift. I think the charatcer development is going to carry the anime, for the most part, and everything else will just hold it all together. 


As usual, my score is based on adding the subscores together and then dividing by the number of subscores. In otherwords, it's an actual average. Final thoughts are this: Watch it. It's a good view and you can get a few cheap laughs. I will update as I get more information. 

8/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
9/10 characters
7.8/10 overall
Mystotakun's avatar By on Mar 7, 2013

What is there to say about this anime? the fact that it's a review, I guess I should try and write something, otherwise there's no point in me doing this, now is there?

Binbougami ga! is one of those animes which instantly grabbed my attention. I heard it was a parody anime and I knew I had to see it, after all Gintama is my favourite anime of all time. And that's something to point out, Binbougami ga! and Gintama share so many similarities; the humour, the references, the ability to change from humourous to heart-breaking in an's all here!

The story of Binbougami ga! doesn't take all that much effort to understand, which I found good, especially for a parody anime. Ichiko SAKURA is a high school student that seems to have it all. She's incedibly attractive, she's got massive breasts, every guy waits on her every breath...her life is just amazing! That is until the God of Misfortune, Momiji, comes and gives her a visit, explaining that there are gods like her, that keep the balance on Earth. Humans are born with 'Fortune' and 'Misfortune' which both balance each other out, however, Sakura has an unatural amount of Fortune...the reason? She seems to have the ability to take people's Fortune away from them, leaving people with more Misfortune, which makes their lives a misery. Momiji comes to Earth in order to take some of her Fortune and restore her to a proper girl. Sakura, being the spoilt brat that she is, refuses, which results in a battle between her and Momiji for the remainder of the series.

The great thing about Binbougami ga! is Momiji. She's an absolutely fantastic character and really stands out in the audience's mind. The fact that the majority of the humour and references come from her also makes her a brillant and memorable character. That's not to say that Sakura isn't a good character, in fact, while Momiji's character is, by far, the better of the two, Sakura's devlopment over the course of the series makes her very enjoyable to watch.

As previously stated, Binbougami ga! shares many similarties to Gintama, but there are a few things different from it. For one thing, the plot is there and in full force. There's never a moment where you think "What's the story here? Why is Momiji there?" There are also more anime/manga references in here than there are real-life references, which means it's more accesible than that of Gintama, which I find is also a good thing. I must point out a fantastic reference in the first episode, where Momiji, explaining about Fortune and Misfortune, uses Goku SON to represent Fortune, while she uses Vegeta as Misfortune! It's these little references that really stick in your mind.

So far, I've only really talked about the first episode and that is simply because I don't want to give too much away. The experience of going through the entire series, seeing Sakura's delveopment from a brat into a likable person is really well done. Obviously, due to the fact that Momiji is a main character (and this being a comedy), you can expect her to appear in a wide variety of disguises throughout the episodes. Though I will say, the references aren't solely limited to Momiji, there's a cool little scene that mimicks Death Note, with Momiji and Sakura drawn like the characters and behaving like them.

Overall, Binbougami ga! is one of those animes that I would happily watch over and over again. The humour, the references, the character delvopment, the weirdness of the whole thing, makes it so enjoyable to watch. The only bad's only 13 episodes long! Thankfully the manga is still going, here's hoping they make a season two!

And I must apologise for the vagueness of this review. I just wanted to give people the jist of what the show is about and what it's like, without giving too much away, as it's a cracking experience! In fact, it's the only anime that I waited weekly for a new episode!

7/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
10/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
espie666's avatar By on Jul 28, 2014


Ichigo Sakura is a egotistical girl who seems to have it all; beauty, wealth, intellegence, and athleticism. However this imbalance causes those around her to suffer. It's up to Momiji, a poverty god, to put things back into order by sucking Ichigo's happiness energy out of her. Despite her determination, Ichigo won't give up so easily. Now Ichigo has to put up with Momiji's crazy antics and bad luck devices, along with her supernatural lunatic friends.

Good Luck Girl is hilarious supernatural comedy with a bunch of parody jokes thrown in. These parodies include series such as Rosario Vampire, Dragon Ball, One Piece, and many more! The anime doesn't take itself seriously, which is a good thing. It even often makes fun of itself and even anime in general. The strory wasn't too serious, but there was still a plot to follow which made room for many jokes to be thrown in. This is definitely the series for you if you already have watched a good share of anime, so you can get most of the jokes and humor thrown into it.


The animation was very eye catching and alluring. Of course it wasn't the best animation I've seen, but it still deserves some props. The character designs were very interesting, especially Momiji's, and it reeally encompases what a poverty god would look like. Also, the art and animation in the opening were fantasticc, and had a pop art feel to it, which really drew me in. The animation was very fluent and neat throughout.


First of all, I would reccomend the dub for this series. I feel like there is much more to get out of it while watching the dub. The english voice actors were amazing, as to be expected by actors such as Todd Haberkorn (Momou Inugami) and Brina Palencia (Ichigo Sakura). They seemed to act very natural as if they were experiencing the situations themselves, especially the conversations between Ichigo and Momiji. The whole cast did an amazing job, and the voices matched the characters perfectly.

The sound track for this anime was absolutely spectacular in my opinion, especially the opening song, 'Make My Day' by Pico. It was very fitting, and the opening animation matched the song spectacularly. It was very upbeat and fun, just like the series was. 


Each character showed significance and development in this story. Ichigo especially, as she shows a well amount of character development throughout the series. They gave an interesting approach to her character. I expected her to be absolutely despicable and a total brat wwho bullied otthers. However being a dislikeable character, she was different than expected. She actually had no friends or group, and she never really bulied anyone, in fact, she was the one who was being bullied. It was a very unique approach and they really pulled it off.

The other characters in this series were also very interesting and were extremely likeable. Characters like Momiji, Bobby, and Momou, made me laugh out loud several times such as the time were Bobby and Momou sang a song about boobs, or when Momiji cosplays characters from other anime. These characters were extremely loveable and most definitely fun to watch.


Overall, Good Luck Girl gets a 9 out of 10 for personal enjoyment, laugh out loud moments, and cast of characters that were quite loveable. This show was definitely a feel good show, and definitely a show to watch if you feel a bit down or upset. Even just the opening could cheer you up! Or at least 'Make Your Day'. Haha, get it? Anyways, this show is perfect for those who have watched a good amount of anime, and enjoy some laid back humor and a happy tone.

9/10 story
8/10 animation
9/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
triplestrike's avatar By on Nov 11, 2014

Spoiler Free Inspection
Big Tits, Comedy, Drama, Random References to other anime, and the quiet pain of solitude. The events of the world are linked to the source of fortune each individual has. One individual seems to have far too much and the gods see fit to recalibrate the balance.

Beautiful animation, pumped up jams, and variation make this anime enjoyable visually and musically with what seems like no effort. The story hindges on the characters, which could be more fleshed out, but still develop in their own manner.

Bottom line, this anime is funny. However, it does get touchy feely, although not nearly enough to corrupt the silly anime showcase that is each episode.  

8/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
8.5/10 characters
8.8/10 overall