Binbougami ga!

Alt title: Good Luck Girl!

TV (13 eps)
4.138 of 5 from 5,726 votes
Rank #586

On Earth, humans live unaware of the many gods who watch over them and help maintain a sense of balance. But one day, a very special girl named Ichiko Sakura will come face to face with one in the flesh – Momiji, the goddess of misfortune! For Ichiko is unknowingly sapping good fortune from those around her, sporting abnormal levels of beauty, intellect, athletic skill and wealth, and it's up to Momiji to help put things back into order. There's just one problem: selfish Ichiko is fully satisfied with her life, and wants nothing of the sort! Determined to keep her mojo safe from the cranky goddess's giant syringe and wide array of bad luck "devices", Ichiko now must deal with a whole host of supernatural lunatics and the fact that her new tormentor has moved in as an unwanted house guest, all the while trying her best to stay as fabulous as possible!

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Niko's avatar by Niko on Jan 1, 2016
Score 7.5/10

(Note: This is a late entry in the holiday "Secret Santa" rec exchange.  I'm sticking with my usual "pros & cons" style of reviewing, but wanted to say that overall, I enjoyed this series a lot.  Thanks for the recommendation!) This series is worth watching because... it's a self-described "gag" comedy that delivers on that promise with lots of laughs, but also mixes... read more

MrThisucks's avatar by MrThisucks on Dec 19, 2015
Score 9/10

This anime is fucking funny. It is supposed to be a parody on a couple things that make up most anime, but it's done so well you can laugh at all that it does just as hard without knowing the context. The art is fucking beautiful, and all the characters work well with each other. None of them feel like they were just added, but they are incorporated, adding more to each character they interact with each... read more

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