Binbou Shimai Monogatari

Alt titles: Poor Sisters Story

TV (10 eps)
3.05 out of 5 from 924 votes
Rank #2,857

Asu and Kyo are two orphaned sisters; their mother passed away some time ago, while their father abandoned them due to gambling issues. Asu and Kyo now live in a rundown apartment complex. Asu, the younger sister, is responsible for all of the housework while Kyo is in charge of living expenses; and together, the two sisters work hard to live a comfortable and enjoyable life. Looking to one another for support, Asu and Kyo experience the hardships of daily living, but are still able to welcome each day with a smile.

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WaffleBae's avatar by WaffleBae on Jan 8, 2015
Score: 8/10

When you first read about this show I'm pretty sure you'll think it's pretty sad, like me but this show is actually very cute! Its about two sisters who live by themselves since their mom died giving birth to the youngest and the father got obsorbed in debt and abandoned them. It features them getting through the daily struggles that they face, and them having a positive outlook about their lives together. This... read more

Szwagier's avatar by Szwagier on Nov 20, 2009
Score: 5/10

There are few things that can really make me irritated in an anime. One of them is when seiyus lack emotion - like in Whistle. Than there is ugly CG (like in Bantorra ), lack of common sense (like in Sacred Blacksmith ) lack of ending (like in Berserk ) ... the list is long. And finally there is an issue, when anime instead of improving the quality of the manga diminishes it. And that's the... read more



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