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Beyblading is the latest rage; gyroscopes battle each other in different environments until one is knocked out. Only a true master can bring out a blade’s full potential and unleash the bitbeast within, though. To find out who the true blade master is, a tournament is held. While going up against a team of bio-enhanced beybladers, can the talented but hard-headed Tyson and his team, the Bladebreakers, master their bitbeasts and bring home the win?

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Dario97's avatar by Dario97 on Apr 5, 2012
Score: 9/10

This review is based on english dub version Story: It's about Tyson Granger, thirteen years old boy, that lives with his grandfather. He is considered as one of the two best players in the town in beyblade (Tyson, not grandpa xD).  At the beginning of the series he will meet  new enemies with whose he unexpected will create a regional tournament team - BladeBreakers. They gonna travel... read more

Drago1274's avatar by Drago1274 on Feb 9, 2011
Score: 8.5/10

This was a really good anime. It had a good plot and setting. It doesn't rank very high, but to me it's not such a bad anime. The plot could have been done a bit better. There's not much to say to this anime becase it doesn't have that many flaws, but it deosnt have that many good things to say either. Even though it is still a good anime to watch. If your a really young kid by the age of 10-12 you might really... read more

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