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Beyblading is the latest rage; gyroscopes battle each other in different environments until one is knocked out. Only a true master can bring out a blade’s full potential and unleash the bitbeast within, though. To find out who the true blade master is, a tournament is held. While going up against a team of bio-enhanced beybladers, can the talented but hard-headed Tyson and his team, the Bladebreakers, master their bitbeasts and bring home the win?

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roriconfan Apr 5, 2012
Score 3.5/10

Beyblade is lame but at least it’s good at what it is trying to accomplish. Anime based on some product are made solely to advertise it and start an addiction to its possible consumers (usually nerdy kids with loaded parents). As such, most game –based anime are quite lame, with childish scenario and carton characters being just an excuse to shovel us flashy techniques or strategies of the... read more

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saturnmidnight Apr 28, 2016
Score 7/10

Beyblade is a series I grew up with, and I'm not a boy, I'M A GIRL! What attracted me to the series was the totally hot characters-especially Kai- but not only that. The story has a lot to say about teamwork, friendship, trying your best, and having fun. It can be really lame with the dialogue, especially with this being such an old anime, but the characters keep you going through it. As another reviewer said... read more

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