Beyblade: The Movie

Alt title: Beyblade the Movie: Fierce Battle

Movie (1 ep x 70 min)
2.377 of 5 from 1,835 votes
Rank #5,237

After winning the Japanese Beyblade Championship, Tyson and the rest of the Bladebreakers are going on vacation! They travel to their teacher's house for some rest and relaxation, but their beach getaway is interrupted when Daichi appears, demanding a rematch with Tyson. However, their battle is put on hold when the mysterious Shadow Bladers appear and kidnap Daichi and his rare Beyblade, Strata Dragoon. The thieves, evil spirits that had been sealed away for many years, plan to use Strata Dragoon to unleash their true power and destroy the world. Can Tyson and his friends rescue Daichi and defeat the Shadow Bladers before it's too late?

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Drago1274 Feb 9, 2011
Score 8/10

This movie wasn't bad, but it was kind of rushed. You don't really understand what's really going on unless you have watched the beyblade series. The movie was about an hour long and a lot of things happened in that hour. All the events that occured should have been shown in more detail and taken more time, so as to the viewers don't get confused and get messed up. I would recommend this to many viewers, but... read more

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