Beyblade: G Revolution

TV (52 eps)
2.449 of 5 from 4,859 votes
Rank #5,237

Two-time Beyblader champion Tyson has a new profession: teacher! In his spare time he instructs children on the ways of the 'blades', but his ego is soon disrupted once more by the entrance of a new challenger: the fiery-haired Daichi! Things heat up more when the next Beyblade World Championship is announced, but there’s a catch: prospective champions must qualify with a tag team. As members of the Bladebreakers leave to hopefully become the best Beyblader around, Tyson is left to train his hardest. Can Tyson retain his championship title for yet a third time?

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Drago1274's avatar
Drago1274 Feb 9, 2011
Score 9/10

This is the final series of the orignal Beyblade series. To me this was the best one yet. All the characters from the first season are back in this one. The battles fought are more interesting and in more deatil. This anime could have been made better, but it was still pretty good. I would recommend this to many viewers, and I hope that many of you will like it. read more

Dario97's avatar
Dario97 Apr 5, 2012
Score 9/10

This review is based on english dub version (yeah right xD) Story: It's kinda improved, than in original series and it's better than in V-Force. There will be plenty of interesting things. (No Spoilers hell yeah xD) Animation: It reminds V-Force, but there are many improvements. Sound: Well, it's sugoi xD There are new battle songs and like always they kick ass ! The rest is good. Characters: Like... read more

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