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After a random encounter with his childhood friend Hinoki, Keita finds himself in the cockpit of a powerful mecha known as a Neuroroid alongside the girl. Though he once was a typical teenaged boy, Keita now must help the employees of Akamatsu Industries as they try to solve the mystery of Algernon, a deadly affliction that causes the infected to become homicidally violent. What is Algernon, and who is the mysterious 'Betterman' who tends to show up when danger presents itself? Keita and the gang are determined to uncover the truth, by any means necessary.

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roriconfan Apr 12, 2012
Score 5.5/10

Man, there are so many ups and downs in this show, to the point every positive seems indistinguishable from a negative. Back when I watched it for the first time, over a decade ago, I remember how long it took me to complete it. I could marathon episodes for 12 hours straight but this one just doesn’t motivate you to watch more than a couple of episodes at a time, while at the same time does not leave... read more



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