Best Student Council

Alt title: Gokujo Seitokai

TV (26 eps)
2.954 of 5 from 1,880 votes
Rank #3,820

Rino is an orphan whose only memento of her mother is a taking puppet named Puuchan. After a generous donation from a mysterious benefactor, Rino finds herself enrolled in the prestigious all-girls high school known as Miyagami; and thus her adventure begins! With Rino’s naïve nature and Puuchan’s sadistic streak, the duo quickly takes the school by storm. From the ranks of the seemingly all-powerful Best Student Council, Rino and Puuchan change the lives of everyone they meet, like it or not!

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KittyEmperor's avatar
KittyEmperor Apr 30, 2011
Score 4.5/10

I started watching Best Student Council after a recommendation from a friend who said that it was one of funnier school based animes that he had seen.  Well by the end of the series I wasn't sure if he was trying to trick me into watching something that is only average at best or if he just had rather bad taste in school based comedies. Story: The plot of the series follows Rino and her talking puppet... read more

JustSomeRandomA's avatar
JustSomeRandomA Dec 30, 2013
Score 0.5/10

It's probably because I have a certain taste in animes but this one didn't appeal to me. I rarely drop watching animes so O did watch it fully though and I just believed the story line was weak and nothing held my attention. Watching it was a chore and i was happy when I finished.  read more

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Best Student Council
  • Vol: 3; Ch: 21
  • 2005 - 2007



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